Aorus Establishes Evil Geniuses Cooperation as a Sponsor of PC Devices and Bootcamp Facilities

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AORUS is one brand that is famous for its gaming essence has been working with an esports team from the United States. The team is a very famous Evil Geniuses with a long history in the competitive realm of Dota 2.

The team that won the title of The International 5 is working with AORUS to meet their needs in PC support devices. In addition to PCs, AORUS is also collaborating with other EG sponsors, Xinfinity to support bootcamp facilities from Evil Geniuses.

In this partnership, Phillip Aram as COO Evil Geniuses also said, "Evil Geniuses always competes with the highest level that requires supporting game component equipment.

So we really need the best technology to support the performance of our players. Join AORUS which means EG players will benefit also with the Xfinity Training Center facility.

With the support of AORUS devices that have the best gaming quality in the world. We are ready to play to the limit every day. "Phillip said.

Evil Geniuses also works with several major brands besides AORUS, including Monster, Xfinity, SteelSeries, AMD, Twitch and SCUF Gaming. AORUS has also sponsored the Esports G2 team, Ohy My God, G-Redx, DetonatioN Gaming and The Chief Esports Club.

Eddie Lin, Vice President of AORUS also gave his opinion, "we are very excited after working with Evil Geniuses, one of the best franchise sports in the world with many wins and achievements over the last few years.

Their success is demonstrated by good cooperation and a desire to win, which is in line with the values ​​and goals of the AORUS team. We are also very pleased to support the team by providing the best gaming hardware players with Xfinity Training Center facilities. "Says Eddie.

Evil Geniuses itself is included as a favorite team on the title of The International 8. They will play on the DOTA Summit 9 with some of the best teams Dota 2. AORUS will also be plastered on the EG jersey, more precisely on the arm of the team.

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