SANDBOX vs Hanwha Life Esports | W1D2 - SBG vs HLE | LCK 2019 Summer Split |

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Hello there steemians, I've been so busy with lots of stuff this past 2 weeks that I wasn't able to post anything. Good thing that I was able to take some time off and that being said, I'll be sharing to you again the previous games in the League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split 2019.

This match is between Sandbox Gaming and Hanwha Life Esports and this is their first game in the tournament. Let's check out their picks. Sandbox chooses Sylas for the top lane and HLE counters it with Vladimir, Lee sin is on the jungle will be battling Jarvan IV, Zoe and Ryze on the mid lane and for the bot lane, we'll have Varus-Tahm Kench for Sandbox Gaming and HLE will be matching it with Ashe-Thresh.

I'll go side with HLE in this match. I guess Vladimir will be able to handle Sylas and Ryze seems to be evenly matched with Zoe, Varus and Ashe both have crowd-control skills so as Thresh and Tahm Kench so I think the key player on this match will be the jungler. If the Jungler will be able to successfully apply pressure on the lanes and secures the drake/s in the early game, that will definitely play a big part towards the team's victory.

As what we all see in the other matches out there, each players and being aggressive yet cautious. Although I chooses to side with HLE in this match, I've noticed that Vladimir seems to be trying not to engage with Sylas and is avoiding clashing with him which is opposite to what's happening in the bot lane wherein Ashe and Thresh seems to be dominating Varus and Tahm Kench.

Sandbox was able to secure the first drake, then the second and eventually the third drake which I'm quite annoyed. It seems that HLE is not interested in securing drakes and is not even guarding it nor trying to steal it from Sandbox. They even engaged with a clash near the drake's camp and ends up giving away kills to Sandbox. Honestly I'm really wondering on why Jarvan IV keeps on combining his Ult with Thresh.

In this match, Lee Sin is really indeed working things out, being able to secure three (3) consecutive drakes and even able to secure 2 kills compared to J4 which has no kills at all. In the end, my bet is wrong, Sandbox totally floored Hanwha Life Esports in this game with 15 kills and 13,000 gold gap with 9 turrets difference from what HLE was able to take down.

What can you say about this match? Feel free to leave your comments below. Have a great day everyone!

Disclaimer: I do not own this video and I'm just merely sharing it to this platform.


As always your article could always be curated if you just add more photos then this can be featured on mainstream websites

Thanks bro. I'll try to follow that advice :)

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Nice what is this game league of legends . never heard of it? Is it like Command and Conquer back in the day. I loved those games

Oh I used to play Command and Conquer Generals. Are you familiar with Dota? Gameplay is almost the same. I also love playing Command and Conquer. Prior to me reformatting my computer, I still have Command and Conquer Last hour installed.

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