Jin Air Green Wings vs KT Rolster | W1D1 - Game 1 | LCK 2019 Summer Split |

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Good day to all steemians out there. From the North America League of Legends Championship Series 2019, I've jump back to time to check out and watch the entire League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split 2019. To start the journey, let's go and check out this game between Jin Air Green Wings (JAG) and KT Rolster.

Let's look at each team's line up - JAG's Ryze will be facing Pyke, Olaf and Lee Sin will be in the Jungle, mid lane will be covered by Taliyah battling Akali and for the bot lane, we'll see an Ezreal-Tahm Kench gaming vs Kai'sa - Nautilus. With this line up, who do you think has the upper hand and a higher chance of winning?

Just looking at this line-up, I'll go for KT Rolster - why? Well this is again just my insight okay, it is because they have Pyke and Akali. These guys are pros, they won't be sitting on those seats if they're not that good at what they're doing. So having those two (2) champs for me is just an advantage already although I'm not saying that it is a guaranteed win.

Ryze can indeed has a great skill set to disable and kill a champ, but with Pyke with his Phantom Undertow + Ghostwater Dive, I guess this is going to be difficult for so long as Ryze can't one hit combo Pyke, then he can indeed sustain that damage and same time, remains on the lane.

Akali and Taliyah, I honestly prefer Taliyah to be in the Jungle rather than being on the mid-lane. Despite of the fact that Akali got nerfed couple of times, I think Akali still has the upper hand. As for the bot lane, I love Ezreal however Kai'sa is just, something!

KT Rolster started the game slow and easy and gain momentum during the mid part of the game. And as what is expected from Pyke, instead of staying in his lane, he tries to roam the map and eventually was able to secure some kill which totally gives him the advantage of getting an item much more quicker. Also with Nautilus' ult + Lee sin's Dragon's Rage, this just give KT Rolster more ways to zone out enemy champ. In the end, KT Rolster gets an amazing win.

This was taken through a screenshot and is also available at the last part of the video above

Check out the postgame breakdown below - Imagine four (4) drakes were taken out by KT Rolster and JAG wasn't even able to secure one. Though Ezreal dealt the highest damage, it wasn't enough to take out enemy champ in a short period of time. What can you say about this game? Feel free to leave your comments below. Thanks!

Disclaimer: I do not own this video and I'm just merely sharing it to everyone in this platform.


@akilie1029, as a winner of my contest you got my full upvote, congratz!

WOW!!! Thanks bro! Thank you so much! And again, happy anniversary!

WOW!!! Thanks bro! Thank you
So much! And again, happy

                 - akilie1029

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Good work on sharing... Just seen youtube streaming and they were good. I'm into Dota but seems like LoL is great one too.

I also played Dota 1 for the longest time until Dota 2 and LOL came to life but then instead of going in for Dota 2, I preferred playing LOL instead. Just patching my LOL client and will be sharing some of my games or maybe all of it. Hahaha

That's cool.. hehehhe..

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