Generation Gaming vs DAMWON Gaming | W1D1 - Game 1 | LCK 2019 Summer Split |

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Helle again everyone! Let's go ahead and check out another amazing game in the League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split 2019 between Generation Gaming and DAMWON Gaming.

As usual, let's start with each team's line up. Gen.G assigned Aatrox for the top lane, I've been seeing a lot of games recently with Aatrox top, Lee Sin in the Jungle, Lissandra for mid lane and Ezreal-Braum at the bot lane - Ezreal is getting a lot of exposure in the LOL Tournaments. To counter, DAMWON Gaming selected Fiora, which I really think to be a perfect match, Sejuani in the Jungle, Camille for mid, and for the bot lane - my all time favorite Sona with Tahm Kench.

Sorry but I'll be biased in this game guys. I really love DJ Sona and Nuclear (player's name) is just the perfect word for this champ. I will also share my own play with my own DJ Sona Nuke build in my future posts but now let's get into the game. So who do you think will win? I'll go for DAMWON Gaming, why? I know that you already know it, simply because of Sona! Hahaha!

So the game started with the usual setup, keeping the map safe by placing wards, take as much minions as possible but no action yet. DAMWON was able to secure the infernal drake in less than 6 minutes which is awesome for some junglers are not engaging DR until they hit level 6.

Fiora and Sejuani was able to secure the first blood by taking Aatrox down in the top lane around 15:43 of the game but I guess that was supposed to have been prevented if Aatrox backed down a little bit instead of hiding in the turret, bad decision there specially if your teammate has a TP, you'll just need to keep yourself alive until the helps comes.

Gen.G on the other hand tried to take down Tahm Kench around 17:01 of the game in the bot lane with a trio of Lee Sin, Braum and Ezreal but failed to do so and in exchange gives Fiora a double kill for Braum and Ezreal and a turrent being taken down - for me that was a bad move there, why did Braum flashes and releases ult to Tahm Kench instead of Sona which I guess has a higher chance of being taken down.

DAMWON Gaming continues to keep their momentum up by taken down another turret in just less than 3 minutes after taken down one in the bot lane, things are starting to get insane here guys. As the game starts to heat up, Gen.G was able to win the clash against DAMWON leaving Sona as a sole survivor however I really thought that Sona will go after Ezreal as she can basically kill Ezreal if Nuclear just baited Ezreal a little bit more.

I really though that Gen.G will take advantage of it and will try to push however despite of what happened, DAMWON didn't give Gen.G a chance to keep their momentum and tried to engage in another clash around 28 minutes of the game. Sejuani mises to hit anyone with his ult and I though that they will go for a reset however it seems that Gen.G really wants to engage but it ended up that Camille initiated the entry which allows DAMWON to secure 2 kills leaving Gen.G in a disadvantageous position which causes them to retreat.

And now with BARON's bufffor DAMWON, the game has come to its final stage and Fiora did even manage to get a Penta kill before the game ends. It was a beautiful game for DAMWON but also a good match for Gen.G. Sona plays a great role of both damage contributor and buff. Sona is just so amazing if she has lots of AP, buff is more effective so as her healing so for those out there who thinks Sona is just a healer and support, open your eyes and tried to check all her skills again, it's built to kill! Feel free to leave your comments below and have a great day ahead guys.

Disclaimer: I do not own this video and I'm just merely sharing it to this platform.


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