Clutch Gaming vs FlyQuest | Week 8 Day 2 S9 LCS Summer 2019 |

in #esportslast year

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Good day to you guys. Sharing to you now is this game between Clutch Gaming and FlyQuest in the North America League of Legends Championship Series 2019.

I really though that FlyQuest will be able to get the win for they have Irelia and Tristana but it was the other way around. Irelia was dominated by Akali so as Tristana with Sivir. Mid lane with Azir and Corki seems to an even match up however Jarvan IV seems to outplay Sejuani in almost every clash.

I'm also using Tristana and I just can't believe my eyes when I saw that Sivir is overpowering Tristana in the lane. Well I noticed that Tristana didn't build for a lifesteal, else outcome should have been in favor of FlyQuest. Also it seems that Irelia wasn't able to execute well her attacks for personally, I guess Irelia should be able to beat Akali, well just my opinion.

Drakes also plays an important role in the match so securing them should be a must however I've noticed that Clutch Gaming has more control over the Drakes which clearly gave them certain advantage throughout the game. If you also noticed that Clutch Gaming was able to slain the Baron more than once which also adds up to securing the game.

In the end, Clutch Gaming is victorious and they advanced in the match with a score of 7-9. It was without a doubt win for Clutch Gaming and is indeed well played. Hoping to see more of this. What are your thoughts about this match? Feel free to leave your comments below.

**Disclaimer : I don't own this video and I'm just merely sharing it to everyone here in this platform.**


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