Cloud 9 vs Team Liquid | Week 8 Day 2 S9 LCS Summer 2019 |

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Good day to everyone who's like me who haven't slept yet since last night, and it's still raining here until this very moment but before going to bed I'll share to you another awesome fight which I am quite disappointed with the outcome. This is the battle between Cloud 9 and Team Liquid in the North America League of Legends Championship Series 2019.

You might be asking why I'm quite disappointed with Team Liquid's performance. Let me start with the line up first. Cloud 9's Aatrox is against Kennen on the top lane, Gragas and Jarvan IV is in the Jungle, Qiyana vs Twisted Fate in the mid lane and for the bot lane, this is what gets me upset, my main champ Sona as ADC w/ Tahm Kench vs Ezreal together with Yuumi.

I just can't believe my eyes that Sona wasn't able to get that much kill in this match. For me the build is correct but the way how Sona engaged is just not that awesome. With the speed buff and a combo, Sona should have been able to deal lots of damage or even take down Ezreal or Yuumi. I've been using this champ for the longest time and I haven't lost to an Ezreal yet, can even do a 1 shot combo kill.

Also as what I've observed, Kennen is very inefficient in this match. Kennen should have been the initiator which should deal lots of initial damage followed by Jarvan IV to secure that maximum damage output has been made and Twisted Fate and Sona will just take care of the rest however it was actually the other way around. It seems that Cloud 9 is the one dictating the outcome of the match, from the Drakes to the kills down to the Baron, Cloud 9 dominated Team Liquid. I'm looking forward to see Sona rocks in the future game but today, Team Liquid brought me down. Feel free to leave your comments below. Thanks!

Disclaimer: I do not own the video and I'm just merely sharing it to you guys in this platform.


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