Esperanto in literature books

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The fact that you cannot think of such a thing, and if you think of such a thing, and that they kick you out of your door does not mean anything other than being a nationalist.


But let us suppose that, or the Marxists who spread the Esperanto language came to power in a country, made a black and white national flag, made their song a national anthem. History, literature is taught with taxes from non-schools. Carrying your colors is a big crime.

Or you have made Esperanto official language, everyone in schools is forced to teach Esperanto. History lessons teach the history of the birth and development of the Esperanto language and how fair it is by recognizing no other language. Esperanto literature is taught in literary books.


Other languages ​​are seen as prohibited or as a problem only within the scope of personal freedoms, people can only learn their mother tongue with additional lessons, etc. That is the standard of any European country.

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I really don't understand what you want. What did Esperanto do to you that you feel so threatened?

Ankau mi ne povas kompreni lin. Nu, poste iomete rigardi liajn afisxojn mi pensas ke mi povas kompreni lin. Tiu homo sxajnas kompreni je Steemit. Lia afisxo ne havas mesagxon sed nure alogu robotojn kiuj votos por gxi. Aspektas ke tiu bonefikas. Li zorgas pri mono kaj se vi rigardas lian monujon vi tuj notos ke tie cxefe estas stijmdolaroj.

Vi jam bone komprenas kiel tiu platformo funkcias. Bedaŭrinde tre multaj homoj ĉi tie fiuzas steemit-on pro gajno de mono. Mi jam demandis min, ĉu mi ankoraŭ pli longe subtenu tiaspecan sistemon.

Se vi foriras gxi certe malbonigxos. Ni havas la eblecon krei plibonan.

You seem to be quite an interesting person. How did you get so many upvotes? Might it be that you are a bot owner? However I failed to get the sense of your posting.