Doff'd [Day 84]

in esoteric •  6 months ago

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A crushed top hat shrunk down
into the husk of a pea pod,
placed into the chamber of an hourglass.

Set onto the mantle of a fireplace,
flipped every ten seconds
to watch the sand trickle
into a motion blur
of cosmic gunpowder.

In the creeping of smoke some dignified gentleman
is gesticulating wildly,
expounding the etiquette of transmigration
until the cloud evaporates
into more menacing shapes.

(It looks like it shall rain,
a long storm;
for a dreary fortnight.
I know the chants to ward it off,
yet choose instead
to watch its humid flight.)

Stretching avian fingers
over stripes of blue and gold,
pond sunk low into the caverns.
To swim with blind fish,
and learn their pillared language.

After sufficient study
through the piscine dreams,
projected through arteries of limestone upward.
Serpentine oil of salt emerging
Into a grove where the crimson monocle of dawn
Uncrumples its tophat and puts it back on.

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Written by
@d-pend on 5/30/18
Top hats by

1 — "Feather'd Ballerina"
2 — "Dark Butterfly mini top hat"
3 — "Mourning Stepmother"

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mourning_stepmother_by_lastwear 2.jpg

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It's a good day for this post brother. I think multiple people are contemplating their procrastinations and the opportunities they shun for many fear reasons: failure, the work necessary, or the looming cloud of this imminent success being your last.

oh, you're here again, Daniel!
I worried where you were lost, I am used to see your posts every day and there was a pause, I was afraid you're not ok

But here is a new piece of creativity, so you're ok, thanks God-)

Wow @d-pend... Shocking contrast to the poem you wrote before you went to bed.

This poem is quite humorous and filled with curiosity. I love how you added these lines in the middle:

(It looks like it shall rain,
a long storm;
for a dreary fortnight.
I know the chants to ward it off,
yet choose instead
to watch its humid flight.)

It gives it a Shakespearean thought process.

This whole poem was lovely day tripping.
I think the bird wanted to eat the fish but changed its mind.
He just put his hat back on again.

Woodstock doesn't eat fish either.

You are a dignified gentleman today.

Shall I call a horse for you?

As always a great poem d-pend :

After sufficient study
through the piscine dreams
projected through arteries of limestone upward.

Better than reading your poems is visualizing their meaning in my head and looking at the amazing pictures you use to complement your poems.

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Great poem of contemplation, of recognition, of reverence before "something" earthly that is reaching other levels. Something good has to come out in these fifteen days that are to come, there is faith in what is about to happen.
I love the note of that confident wait. Greetings and a hug, @ d-pend.


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :-)

charming poems, many implicit and explicit meanings, although the purpose is a little blur for the beginner reader .. thank @d-pend

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