Baptist Catechism by William Earl Davidson (1930)

William Earl Davidson (1930), Catechism of Bible Doctrines, translated from the Spanish original. He was the first Southern Baptist missionary to Chile, sent in 1917.

WE Davidson A Catechism-01.jpgWE Davidson A Catechism-02.jpgWE Davidson A Catechism-03.jpgWE Davidson A Catechism-04.jpgWE Davidson A Catechism-05.jpgWE Davidson A Catechism-06.jpgWE Davidson A Catechism-07.jpgWE Davidson A Catechism-08.jpgWE Davidson A Catechism-09.jpgWE Davidson A Catechism-10.jpgWE Davidson A Catechism-11.jpgWE Davidson A Catechism-12.jpgWE Davidson A Catechism-13.jpgWE Davidson A Catechism-14.jpgWE Davidson A Catechism-15.jpgWE Davidson A Catechism-16.jpg

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thanks for part by part shared dear of Baptist Catechism,,,i agreed you

its so great of chile liberty history ,,,thanks for inform chile great history

its history for chile is so sad ,,thanks for inform through a sequence of your collection,,,,i agreed your post dear

The catechism of Bible Doctrine is so good,,i think you like these,,
The sociology subject is boring for me ,,but valuable for learning and knowing,,whenever i read,i feel sleep