Transaction Broadcast Error

in error •  last year

I wrote a post, I'm excited to publish it, I click 'submit' only to find a red text appear next to the button which reads 'Transaction Broadcast Error'. Bad UX; it doesn't explain what the error is and what I should do to fix it. I had to google this issue.

If you're getting this, here are the solutions:

  1. Refresh the page (please copy and paste your content somewhere before you do this just in case)
  2. Rename your tags so there's no extra space or hyphens
  3. Check your 'My Blog' page to see if your posts were published (this was what happened to me, I ended up double posting and since you can't delete a post, I've edited it to this instead) Downside to this are the tags can't be changed and the URL post name can't be changed which doesn't help with SEO. I'd suggest creating a new post and the double post this blank.

What are the other ways you've found to be helpful?

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