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'Caress me, he demands in a whisper. My hands quickly rise to the occasion... like they are dominated by his husky voice. I trace my nervous fingers on his sweaty muscles. His skin scorches my invisible prints as I stay glued to his eyes.

Subdued by his provocative gaze, my soul submits. Electrifying thoughts then invade my mind and like an enslaved being, I dance to the beats of his raiding hands.

My lips find his in a minute and our desires raise some denied hunger from the dead. I cling to his torturing mouth like it's the last source of my air. My survival.

His hands round me up and pull me close. I can feel his heart racing against mine. Enjoying the bliss that is his enchanting kisses, I taste my blood before running out of breath.

The moments that follow I drift between worlds of ecstasy as he drinks from my towers and deep in my valley. His tongue wandering across forbidden lands burning down my elevated boundaries.

I curl in pleasure digging my nails deep into his flesh. My mouth by then juggles between half whispered moans and incoherent confessions. I am on fire.

I beg for his throbbing flesh in a soft cry. As his length disappears into my depths, my weak legs wrap themselves around his waist while thinking to myself... Who knew heaven can be this close?

His slow thrusts guide my soul to cloud nine as our bodies merge in a freaky rhythm. He says, 'spread wide my dove,' to which I oblige. At this point, I am his to do as he pleases with but he chooses to please me.

He sinks as deep as my valley makes way for his vibrating fullness. A sweet cry escapes my lips and drives him wild.

Riding me seductively as I arch my back to meet his every plunge in the mid-air. My body gives in to unexplainable pleasure, some sexual healing we all yearn for. He feeds my starving self with a part of himself in an artistically beautiful way.

Been a while since I did erotica... :)

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