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She saw the brunette walk into the bar. She laughed with the bartender, pretending to be doing things but all the while watching the girl.

Two different guys hit on her, Juice smiled when both times the brunette shooed them away with words. But her grin disappeared when she considered perhaps the girl was taken?

No. Juice shook that thought off faster than the girl shook off drunken men. Everything happens for a reason.

She wasn’t a bar goer, but this evening Juice couldn’t sit alone in her apartment. She was restless- unusual for her. She was drawn to the bar this night.

For a reason.

For this reason.

This reason, this lithe specimen of the female form, with hair pulled back and shapely legs that led to sensually curvaceous hips. Hips that begged to be grasped firmly while you bury your face between… Hips that would buck and writhe…

Juice slipped from her reverie to realize the brunette was right beside her at the bar. Her scent lingered from when she’d slid by. Flowery, but not sweet, light like shampoo. And the scent of her; musk and simmering. She liked it when they didn’t layer chemical fragrances over their bodies. Juice loved the scent of the woman herself. Heady and intoxicating, although she loved both men and women, only women smelled so good, like pure addiction.

The girl payed for her bottle and moved onto the dance floor.

But not before she turned to give Juice a quick, sly look through her lashes.

Juice followed.

… to be continued…

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Intrigued and looking forward to more installments...

I like juice .


i like her too :p

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I like this image

Juice is lesbian! Smh

you got me going keep talking.