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thank you for all your support. this story is inspired by @haisa and their story:


The chair was comfortable despite being plastic and stiff; something about how it curved to my butt, and just fit against my legs. I could swing my feet under the seat or rest them comfortably on the ground by just adjusting my depth a small amount while still getting back support. It was incredible. Some engineer had almost perfected the cheap (or maybe these were expensive, but they did look cheap) waiting room chairs. Although, I must confess I expected this level of surprising plastic artistry from this company.

After the longest elevator ride I'd ever had the white lab coat in glasses gestured to the chairs along the wall in a row, handed me a clipboard with a pencil attached by a string, and told me to fill it out. He was gone by the time I took a seat, and looked up. It was a basic questionnaire; standard release forms and signatures, questions about medical history, heart issues, excitability, and some general economic statistics. There was the only page I really cared about, my payment section where I made sure to carefully scrawl the numbers and letters to my digital wallet. The company would transfer my Steem tokens after a debriefing. I was only slightly surprised they had me fill it out by hand; a company this advanced should have had public tablets and NFC squares so I could just tap my phablet against the device to autofill all my info. Maybe they were worried about security and secrecy.

A door opened.
"Ready, Miss Devon?" another lab coat asked. This one didn't have glasses.
"I am!"
"Your forms, please." He said.
"Oh, right," I had left them on the chair next to me. I went back, picked them up and closed the distance to him in four steps.
He didn't move. The lab coat just watched me move. He barely checked me out though, not even glancing at my cleavage I knew was generous for such a sterile environment; all white walls, white lab coats, gray floors, and shades of white everywhere. I wondered how many people they'd had down here. I wondered if he'd tested out the prototypes before. He'd probably done it at home with his own private model.

"Thank you." he took the clipboard. "Follow me."
He led me though a long hallway, the only distinguishing marks were the doors labeled with increasing numbers, "1A, 1B, 2A, 2B," and so on. It seemed like all the A's were on one side. At least here there was some color. The doors were wood, and stained a light brown with chrome door handles. The tile and walls were the uniform grey, and white.

The lab coat stopped abruptly and I almost crashed into his back; he probably would have liked my tits against him. Most guys did.
"Here we are. If you'd enter here. Instructions will be on the table. Just hit the button when you're ready and we'll begin."

"Do I need to know anything before we start? I mean, should I get some training or something?"

"No need. The whole process should be natural with very little user training."

"Okay." I was skeptical.

"Please, go ahead." He gestured to the door, and waited with the clip board pressed against his chest.

"14A" was labeled in large print. I turned the chrome handle, it was cold and smooth, but gripy enough I didn't slip off. The door swung in lightly, too light for such a heavy looking door. It must have been exceptionally well made. Again, I expected perfection in a place like this.

The room was large and a burst of color totally unexpected from the drab almost monochrome exterior hallways and waiting areas. It shocked me so much I stumbled a little, and took a hesitant step in.

"Everything okay?" the lab coat asked.

"Yeah. Fine. I'm just, surprised is all. I don't know what I expected." I was expecting a metal bed frame, a poorly stuffed mattress, and an open toilet next to it like a prison with creepy surveillance cameras in every corner.

"We try to decorate things as naturally as possible to simulate a home environment. We calculated that this would be to your liking. Is anything offensive?"

"No! Not at all. Everything is very nice. Thank you."

"If there isn't anything else?" The lab coat reached for the door handle to pull it shut.

"Nothing else, no. Thank you."

He nodded and shut the door. It was lavish, and well beyond the comfort of my own place. I had a small apartment above an italian restaurant that smelled like garlic and tomatoes. This was nice. The bed was one of those large wooden king size monstrosities with dark wood posts at each corner, and a carved headboard. The duvet was thick, fluffy and light, and the sheets smooth and almost silken. The walls were painted a deep red, but not so dense or dark so as to deaden the light in the room. There were other dark wood furniture laid out around the room, and a doorway to what I assumed was the bathroom; end tables on either side of the bed, a dresser, a desk with a mirror, chair, and drawers. A sofa chair in the corner, a flat screen TV hung on the wall opposite the bed, and even some nice metal lamps aiming light up and diffusing it over the room.

My first few steps were tentative, barely moving, when i noticed the floor wasn't the same hard title as the hallway, but a deep comfortable carpet; soft but similar to outside in that it was a neutral gray. I ran my hand over the duvet cover and it scratched against my hand in a pleasing smooth way. The wood posts at the foot corner were carved too, but smooth and sanded well. I poked my head into the doorway opposite from where I had entered, and lights blossomed on; probably motion sensors. The bathroom was huge, easily twice the size of my tiny toilet and sink I had at home. This one had dark tile floors that looked like blueish gray stones and white grout, with a sink that looked like a river bed with smooth black stones piled up in a basin. The faucet was a side flat rectangle that pushed water out like a waterfall. The mirror spanned below my waist to the ceiling and a display popped up showing the time and date. I walked in further and another light sprung on, and the toilet and a shower space opened up all without doors, and just recessed into the walls with separate drains. I was astounded. This was way nicer than I had thought this would be.

I was starting to feel a lot better about all this and not just like a cheap whore selling my body for the tokens. I turned to leave the bathroom, took my first few steps back onto the carpet and was going to look for the instructions when I saw it.

I stopped in my tracks, one foot in the bathroom tile floor, the other on the soft comfortable carpet. It was just standing there; immobile. It was like a stature, not even breathing, not even moving in the slight twitches of being alive and having a pulse pound blood through your body. It was unnaturally still. The most terrifying part of it was that the face looked human, the hands were pink like skin, on the under sides, and the waist was pink like skin was splattered onto a plastic wall; like it was unfinished. The rest of the body was clear plastic in the rough shape of a man, with a torso molded to imitate muscles. Underneath wires, metallic housings, and black cords like rope wove through the device. It wore a scarf around it's waist, and the bulge that poked forward was what I assumed it would put inside me.

I touched my hand to my chest, and just looked at it dumbfounded. This thing was why I was here.

When I eventually tore my eyes away from the thing I searched for the instructions. Though, I kept glancing at it over and over to make sure it didn't move, or spring to life. It didn't. It just stood there, frozen, immobile next to the dresser like it was a part of the room, like it was furniture, like it was a statue.

My heart raced wildly, and I had to sit on the bed just to steady my shaking legs. I ran my hands down my thighs, letting my palms work out the sweat into the tight legging fabric. My feet felt cold in my high leather boots, and I began bouncing my knees. This device was going to begin moving at any moment; it could be moving now to come at me. I spun backwards and it hadn't changed. It was still; remaining in place. I turned to read the instructions, but couldn't help but feel like something was staring at my from behind. And it was. I stood up, walked around the bed, feeling a little foolish, but justified, and sat on the bed again but this time facing it. I kept it in my field of view while I gleaned what I could from the instructions; I could barely look away from it.

"Thank you... when ready... press large red button to begin... bathroom side end table... will activate 30 seconds after initiation ... respond to verbal commands ... speak plainly ... no special instructions necessary ... immediate stop when you press button a second time.... shower and dress before debriefing."

I took a deep breath, and set the instructions on the end table. It hadn't moved. Of course, it wasn't activated yet. I just stared at it. After I hit the button it would activate and it would approach. It would use me; it would become alive and respond. I took another breath feeling like I hadn't worn enough clothes, and tugged on my shirt to settle on my shoulders better, then realized it wouldn't care what I looked at. For it, I was just a hole to enter and move into. For some reason that made me feel better. It didn't matter what I said to it, didn't matter how I looked, who I was, or what I was wearing. All it wanted was to do as it was told, and would do whatever I wanted; or that is what I'd been told.

I had been so absorbed and distracted by the room and the thing that I forgot the whole time I was going to be monitored and video taped. I smiled slightly thinking some lab coat was going to jack off to me fucking it. I wondered if they measured the pleasure increments of their subjects and the variable reactions to nipple or clitoral stimulation. I laughed thinking about the no glasses lab coat calculating the decibel degrees to which I moaned while getting rammed by it. I walked back to the bathroom side of the bed, sat down, comfortable now with the device's eyes at my back, and pressed the button.

A chime rang out in the room, and the lights dimmed slightly. Where were the cameras? The thought appeared suddenly. I hadn't seen a single one. If they were monitoring, I wondered where the cameras were. My eyes swung around but all i could see were flat surfaces, clean table tops, and the bed. Maybe they were embedded in the walls, or ceiling, or furniture, I thought.

"10," a soft voice said from above, and the chime again. Four more chimes sounded. "Five." "Four, three, two, one."

It moved.

Slowly at first, hands opening and closing, sliding up and down its stomach, then the arms undulated like a man working out sore muscles. The head turned up and found me sitting still on the bed, half turned towards it, my legs angled away. The face was totally natural and pulsed like a person, but the mechanical torso and arms threw off the illusion.

"Hello, I'm Adam 5. Do you mind if I sit next to you Devon?" It said.
Its voice was entirely too human and its lips moved smoothly and perfectly. Not at all like the automaton it was.
"Sure. Yes. That is fine. Here." I patted the bed next to me.
"Thank you." It said, and the first interruption of non-human movement it jerked forward a few awkward halting steps, frowned down at its legs, and then smoothly walked over to me. "I had some trouble with the carpet, forgive me." It said.
"No problem."
It sat down next to me, and in doing so removed its scarf around the waist. A hairy cock flopped out, huge but flaccid. It had short hair like a normal penis did, but well trimmed.
"You are clothed. Would you like me to undress you?" It said.
"Uhm, no thanks. I'll do it."
"Okay." It said, and didn't move towards me. It did move though, small motions, almost like it was fidgeting. I thought it was more to provide the illusion that it wasn't the robot that it was.

I stood up in front of it, and its eyes followed me; watching. My boots came off easily despite being almost knee high, and my shirt slipped over my head quick. I took one more deep breath before undoing my bra. When I dropped it to the floor my tits spilled out and it even glanced down at them, watching the nipples bounce. That was typical male reaction I expected, but it was still very unnatural. The head was so human like but the body so fake and plastic.

"here we go," i said, and bent over to remove my leggings and panties. I stepped out of them and sat back down on the bed naked.

It waited, watching me. I was naked, it was 'naked' and yet nothing happened. I took another few deep breaths. Maybe I had to do something or say sometime.

"So how do we start?" I said.

"Just tell me what you would like me to do," it said.

"Like, "fuck me?"

"Would you like vaginal or anal?"

My eyebrows went up. Wow. It was like a menu almost.


"Would you like multiple positions, or a specific one?"


"Ok, lay back when you are ready. I will wait for your command to start."

"Okay," I said, and drew it out. I crab crawled up to the middle of the bed, lay back on the pillows, adjusted them for my head, and spread my legs out with my knees up in the air. I felt exposed, worried, but thrilled. I was about to get fucked by this robotic machine, but it was so polite, so direct, and so easy to talk to. I tingled with the thought I could get it to do literally anything I wanted.

I wanted to see this thing approach me, and how it would enter me. Would it be cold, abrupt, jarring, painful? or would it be tender, slow, gentle, and pleasing. How would it know? Would it hurt me? Goosebumpbs flooded my skin.

"Ok, I'm ready, Adam. Start."

"Yes, Devon."

It approached slowly. It was careful, one hand on the bed cover, its knees pulling up under it to leverage its torso high enough to crawl. It was not overtly terrifying, but it did send my heartrate higher than I can remember it ever being. When one hand moved between my legs and the cool plastic arm brushed my calf I twitched away from it. Adam, it, didn't react, other than to slow its approach, and most slower between my legs. I clutched my chest, and covered my nipples with my hands to protect myself. Then realized how stupid I was being, and forced my hands to my sides.

Closer. One hand in front of the other, the human face looming over my crotch, then over my belly. Then the hands rose over my thighs and landed just outside my arms, then up to my shoulders, and I could see the massive cock swollen erect now somehow, twitching like blood pumped through it; even though I knew it didn't.

"Would you like kisses?" It said.

I was speechless, and just nodded yes. It moved slow; so slow, and gave my forehead a peck, then my cheek a kiss. It was soft, almost wet, and gentle. Some of the expectant tension I was holding evaporated. My chest heaved as I sucked in breath on the verge of panic. This was so much more scary than I thought it was going to be. What if it decided to attack or kill me. I'd be helpless. No more helpless if it was a real man, though a small voice said in my head. That helped a little.

"If you allow, I will begin." It said.

I barely noticed how its tip was prodding the folds of my pussy. I was slippery with excitement I thought was fear sweat, but an errant poke slipped its dick against my clit and I almost moaned in pleasure. For some reason I was hesitant to let it see me enjoy the touch.

I nodded again.

"I'm sorry Devon, I require a verbal affirmation."

"Yes." It was a whisper.

"Ok." It said, then slow, inevitably, insistent, it kissed me on the lips, and like perfect machinery synchronization entered my pussy.

Tension bleed out of my body into the soft almost silk bed top. I melted into the cushion, my stomach spasmed in excitement, and I felt the soft warm cock spread my pussy open, push into me, and fill my center with its rigid soft tool. Its kiss was warm and soft, and then unsettling. the tongue was plastic and too firm, not wet, but slick with my own saliva. It was like kissing a robot with soft lips.

"Ugh. No french kissing. Gross."

"Ok. No tongue during mouth kisses."

It moved its cock inside me, still attempting to kiss my face, my neck, even my lips. I avoided the kisses on my face, and it began to learn, avoiding it. The cock plunged into my wetness slow, like allowing me to adjust to the sensation.


"Yes, Devon."

The thing's hips increased their speed, and the cock moved into me. I started rocking against it, even took my hands and wrapped them around the thing's neck. It felt like plastic, but had the same curves and ridges a human man had. I almost thought it was real. I noticed it cycled through a few motions, undulating its hips, legs, and waist to push its dick inside me while providing some clitoral stimulation with the front of its stomach. After a few moments I felt like something was off.

It took me a while to realize that it was not tiring; men got tired fucking me on my back, constantly moving themselves into me, holding themselves up, breath exhausted after minutes of slamming sex. This thing did not tire. It moved in the same constant motion that plowed into my pussy with the relently regularity that only a robot could do.

It was the perfect tool for me to reach orgasm, and I felt the first welling of pleasure blossoming inside my clit when I realized it would not change rate until I told it to. It would fuck me like this until I either came or told it to stop!

I laid back and let a pound into me while I thought about the implications. I could let this thing go at me for hours, I thought. It would not stop unless it ran out of batteries if it even ran on batteries. This thing was literally a machine designed to satisfy all of my carnal desires. It was cycling through similar gyrations which after a while got to be very predictable; but that very predictability allowed me to expect and anticipate the coming sensation and I knew my climax would rise to meet it.

I let my thoughts drifted over the rest of the device, and how that cock inside of me felt just as real as any number of other boys that had been inside. It didn’t feel like a dildo, it didn’t feel like a piece of plastic, it felt like the soft yet hard squishy rigidness of a man’s penis. It even spoke like a guy, albeit a very polite and direct one.

So far the only extremely jarring part of this whole experience was the tongue which was not quite realistic enough for me to get over plunging plastic flicking inside my mouth. I could do with the uncovered skinless torso and limbs, but it was a little unsettling. It still plunging my pussy, ramming it’s cock in regular consistent rhythm. And I enjoyed it, I mean I loved it, my nipples were hard my hands touching my breasts, my legs wrapped around the things solid form. I reached up and grasped its neck. I touched the smooth semi warm plastic shell, and it did not give. There was no sag when I pulled my weight up against its chest. The only adjustment it made was to continue its thrusting at the proper angle, and I realized that there was a gap in the programming here. It didn’t know how to handle my embrace; I thought perhaps it was trying to decide whether I wanted to hug me what I wanted to pull myself up against it, or if it’s prime directive was to ram into me missionary style cycling through its set rotations until I achieved orgasm.


“Yes, Devon.”

It stopped in mid-thrust, his cock halfway into my pussy, and remain there still rigid state. My eyes went wide, my legs rigid, I let myself drop back onto the the bed suddenly letting go of its the process I slipped off his shaft, and it made no move to adjust or reenter me.perhaps the “stop” command literally made it sees all action activity. Elisa knew there was a safety feature built-in things got too rough or difficult. I could learn to like this.

“Go to the end of the bed and sit there.” I said.

It moved with a fluid grace that it had displayed earlier after its initial struggling on the carpet floor. I’d a brief thought that the bed was its natural habitat, and that soon it would start ranging outwards engaging in depraved sexual activity all around the room. They give me an idea.

“Can you go into the shower?” I said.

“Yes, I am waterproof.”

“Hmmm.” That might be interesting, I thought to myself.

I stretched out on the bed, spreading my limbs wide really digging my fingers into the fabric of the duvet cover. The pillows were lush, soft, and some best cotton fabric I’d ever felt. I turned my head and nuzzled my face against its smoothness. In the process I let myself stretch arching my back up letting my tits fall against my sides and opening my legs wide even lifting my butt off the bed a little. It just watched me. I couldn’t tell what it was thinking, if it was thinking anything at all, or was simply waiting for me to give it more instructions.

The lab coats and not given me any indication how long this would take, or how long I be allowed to and myself with it the language have been vague, and deep screening interview while explicit had not been very clear on exactly what would happen inside the room.I think they were looking for me to explore it in a natural way so they can work out the bugs and the kinks when it went into public production. I wondered how many people like me then in here. If the Hong hallway was any indication I’m sure there were over thousands of women, and possibly men, getting nailed by these robotic dolls.

“I want you to Fuck me, doggy style, with your hands on my butt, and just before I reach climax stick a lubricated thumb up my asshole.”

“Yes, Devon. I will Fuck you in doggy style position, from behind, with 80% attention to your rump, and within 20 seconds of your pending climax, will insert one thumb into your asshole. Would you like me to move my thumb once it is inside?”

“Yes,” I said with a little bit of surprise. I had not expected that attention to detail, though again, every sign pointed that I should expect this.

“Would you like to save these settings for future use?”

I frowned, not from disgust or any negativity, but because I was so completely perplexed by this option. It made sense. If I was going to have a sex doll at home, tailored specifically to my every need, it would make sense to be able to say “daily sex,” and receive a preprogrammed custom-made series of actions without having to go through the rigmarole of the highly detailed instructions I just given. I also front because I didn’t think I’d be coming back for a second round, and have the opportunity for him to remember what he had done. I wondered if they were building generic profiles for sex that would come preprogrammed in a new doll’s packaging. I could just see it now, “get your Devon sex romp now, using all the tailor made sex positions the world’s leading sexologists chose!” I shook my head, and decided it was time to continue.

“Yes, that’s fine call it “Devon rear one.”

“Should I begin?”

“Yes.” I said.

It approached me, similar to how it had woken earlier, it moved its hands first, flexed its feet, then with slow constant inevitability slouching towards me, it moved. I was still in my back, and forgot that I’d asked about doggy style. When reach my legs it’s hands slid up my legs, wrapped around my waist, and with an abrupt flip spun me around on my stomach. It was terrifying. The hand squeeze my pelvic bones with incredible accuracy tightness. I’d been flipped so completely onto my stomach, so quickly, and with such violent action, I was left breathless. My breath came quick and ragged into the pillow, that was so soft and smooth my saliva seemed like an intrusion on its perfect service. My heartbeat wildly in my chest, more from terror added six oppressive use of power. I had to remember that this thing could completely and totally destroy me if it chose to. In my panic, I didn’t notice that it was saddling up behind me arching my butt towards its waist, and aiming its artificial cock towards my home. I was still wet from her previous romp, and I needed little attention to allow the monster cock entry.

I found myself on all fours screaming into the dark wooden carved headboard, not into terror or fear, but in pleasure and excitement. This thing behind me was hitting me deep and hard with a full girth the deck and the consistent energetic slamming I didn’t know I’d crave my whole life. This was what it was like to be fucked. It could go on for hours. I tried to let it, and avoided snaking my hand underneath my body to flick my clit. I didn’t know how long we lasted its hands mostly on my ass, ranging on my back, and sometimes down legs, but per directions it pulled my butt into its crotch to ram it’s plastic shaft inside me. Over, and over, and over, and over.

When I finally found myself face down on the pillow, my voice raw and hoarse from screaming for so long, I finally allowed my hand to begin flicking my clit. My breath was ragged, and my pussy sore but stimulated with the intense pleasure of overuse. It gave no indication of tiring, or need for adjustment. It simply fucked me.

Like with missionary style, it cycled through a series of predictable rhythms that I was easily able to expect and match. They gave the perfect launching point for my impending orgasm. My hand moved on my pussy to match it’s speed, and as my interest and pleasure built so did the frequency of his insertion. I began jotting my hips against its ways, and allowing myself to move in press against its plastic body. It took all my movements and consideration, and without ceasing continued its predictable pounding. It was like I could not shake it or throw it off from its rhythm. And that excitement that this cold calculating thing was reading my every move and every inch of my body, sent me into a wild ecstatic flow. In with an abrupt awesome pain my asshole exploded with pleasure and sensation. Somehow it knew I was a sheathing organ, and per my directions, it had inserted a thumb deep inside my butt. It pulsed. It moved. And together, in tandem with its plastic penis, it used its plastic thumb piston alternating inside my body.

I screamed as loud as I could, I arched my back, thrust my tits forward, quivered my ass against its plastic perfect waist, and let its tools violate both of my holes. My orgasm rage through my body sending tightening and releasing waves across my muscles in chaotic coursing lightning bolts. It was as if every part of my flesh rippled with stimulation and erotic pleasure.

When I finally collapsed into the bed’s, and slipped off it’s what plastic cock I cut my hand on my pussy moving in slow circles around my clit. I was exhausted, but totally relaxed and satisfied. It knelt back on its heels and looked down at me. My face was turned to the side and I can see it out of the corner of one I, just sitting there. I wondered if it had released, or if there was any sense of satisfaction or accomplishment within its artificial brain. I was a silly thought, it didn’t have a brain. It was simply a device with a instruction feedback to whatever computing platform they had in this facility. Or maybe it then? I didn’t know.

“That was fucking amazing.” I said. I wondered if it would respond.

“Thank you, Devon. It was a measure. I look forward to many more.”

“I do too.”

“Will there be anything else you need?” It asked.

“No. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” It said, then moved with grace back to its location next to the dresser and, I assumed, powered off. It went immediately rigid and still, just like a statue had been before.

A chime ring out the room, it startled me, but it was soft and gentle.

“If you would please shower, miss Devon. And when finished open the door to your room and someone will be with you shortly.” The chime ring again, indicating that they were no longer talking or listening.

I have forgotten about the observation and recording of our session. I had a brief moment of horror realizing that I had been on all fours begging to be fucked by a mechanical toy, and that I’d even asked it to stick a thumb in my butt. With a shrug, I realized that it was exactly what I had signed up for and I decided to take advantage of its total customization. With reluctance I pulled myself out of the bed, but my naked feet on the plush carpet floor and padded over to the tiles bathroom. I expect of the tiles to be cold like most bathrooms, but this place had heated floors. The tiles were warm and therapeutic. I realized even the soles of my feet were sore from the clenching I’d done in the moments prior to my orgasm.

The shower was spacious, warm and with a variable water pressure that could adjust to my specific desire. This was luxury that I wished I could enjoy a daily basis. After I toweled off, and redressed I open the door leading to the hallway. It was empty, and looking down the long stretch felt an overwhelming sense of how profoundly powerful this company would be. Somehow, they had created the perfect sexual doll to satisfy woman’s desires, and many months. I wondered if they had female versions of these dolls. They must have.

When the next lab coat came to retrieve me I was sitting on the bed staring at it. At Adam. I had to jerk my hand out of my pants unaware that I’d been fingering my clit spread eagle on the side of the bed while staring at the machine.

The lab coat coughed.

“Missed him. Are you ready for the debriefing?”

“Yes. I am ready. Thank you. Uh, which direction should we go?” I was embarrassed he saw me with my hand in my pants.

The lab coat barely responded. “This way.” He said and let me down the hallway in the direction we arrived.
The questions were just as exhausting as the actual sex. They covered every range of possible inquiry. It was like they had a play-by-play of our entire session, and went through every situation, even going so far as to ask about the specific language and how I felt about each response. I felt like they had peeled my skin back jumped inside my body and walked around inside my bones. I felt like they knew every intimate secret and detail of my most private innermost thoughts. The interview was just as harrowing as the first time I saw it in the corner standing like a lecherous statue.

At first I was reluctant to give up the details, and the specific reactions and motivations to my choices during the session. They remind me, quite forcefully, that this part of the testing was just as important as the actual raw data from the acts themselves. The lab coats assured me that these interviews would allow for better more personal interactions in the future. That was the point at which I decided to unleash my soul. If they want more intimate detail on how to interact personally I figured I would give them as much as I could. I decided on the bed that I definitely wanted to come back for more rounds of testing, and be as involved in this project as they would allow me to. I figured if I gave accurate and detailed answers they would value my opinions and affability, and when asked me to return.

I was waiting once again at the sterile waiting room on those perfect engineered chairs. Another lab coat enter, this one was a woman.

“Thank you, Miss Devon. Your contribution today was invaluable. The company would like to give you the small compensation for your time and thoughtful response. She held out a phablet, and I extended mine. The proximity beep sounded, and she tapped her device’s screen. Mine lit up, and a large flashing number showed. My eyes widened. It was twice what I had agreed upon.

“Wow. Are you sure this isn’t a mistake? We agreed on less.” I said.

The lab coat woman smiled.

“We really appreciated your, performance and innovative use of the user options. You were the first to discover the programmable features. The company wanted to reward your insight, and encourage you for a return session.”

My heart exploded with excitement, and I stumbled backwards from the stunning overwhelm of emotions.

“Absolutely! Thank you! I would love to return.”

“Excellent. We’ll message you within the week to set up an appointment. It might be another week after that before we can schedule your return. We will have to install the updates and modifications for the next prototype. Thank you, Miss Devon. Till next time.”

She gestured to the main door. How no one got lost in here was a mystery; the doors all looked identical. I nodded, and moved for the door.

“Thank you! Wonderful. Till next time.” I said.

I left with feet bouncing on what felt like air, and the spring of possibility and satisfaction resounding through my core.


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I appreciate the update. I made the switch! Back to 50/50 it is; it has been pretty good to me.

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Is it just me, but after reading this I'm kind of craving an erotic Black Mirror.

Lovely words! I fricking love the attention to detail. The perfect waiting room chairs: amazing!

Ha ha ha! Erotic black mayor would be freaking amazing. I only got to the first episode, but wow. In fact I think in that first episode the eroticism was highly implied. They say you should start off with the interesting eye-catching beginning in order to hook your readers, I felt like the connection and attention to detail on something as simple as waiting room chairs would strengthen the attention to detail that the sex doll had later on. Thank you for noticing that!, And then commenting about it. I appreciate that.

Thanks again for reading!

This is awesome! Really emotionally believable, particularly when the protagonist enters the room but before she activates the sex bot - you really captured the gamut of emotions there, from how weird and creepy it is, to how exciting it could be, to that feeling of what the hey let's give this a try ;) Looking forward to part two!

Much love - Carl

Wow! Thank you! That was my goal with this portion of the story, to talk about how creepy and weird it would be to get nailed by robot that was just standing like a statue minutes before.I'm planning on updating this post with the finish of the story, I was just exhausted yesterday and not able to complete it when I wanted to.

Well written. I loved the story. I don't think this scenario frankly is too far off into the future. Can't wait to read more!

I'm liking this alot! And great detail too, her hesitancy in truly letting go with "the thing" just makes me want her to cum all the harder! Nice work :)

This is all thanks to you, @haisa, and your lovely short story, "" I'm going to be putting a link to it at the top of this short now that it's blown up. I should've done it yesterday. Thank you for your kind words!

No worries, @jocelynlily, you're very talented and this recognition seems to be long overdue! Enjoy :)

Hey, @jocelynlily, this is excellent - the "product testing" scenario, the not-too-distant-future setting, the physical, emotional and psychological detail. There were moments when I felt I was there in the room. I'm new to steemit, only been here a day or two, and I'm exploring the platform to try to decide what kinds of things I'd like to write. You are an inspiration to me and I'll be following you, looking forward to more. Thanks!

@bobbyfoxx thank you for your kind words! I appreciate hearing the positivity in your voice. "there were moments where I felt I was there in the room:" That is the goal! Yes! Thank you! It is such high praise!

Good luck to you and your new challenge with steemit! I'm sure you'll do well if you keep at it.

Bien escrito. Me encantó la historia espero seguir con historia asi me recuerda a tabu

This was fucking brilliant. Leaves me craving for more. Tbh, when I first started reading it I was a bit lost as to where it was going, but then it built up perfectly. Good job! I look forward to reading more.

Spot on!!
You have adjusted the style to the chanel and you are a good writer, you know create the environment and transmit the feeling of characters...
Right now 107 upvotes and increasing, and really happy good texts are valued as yours.
So the key seems or short texts (because time of reading is aprox. 2-3 min) for fast feed and prose episodies of stories.
Please continue and... yes... you use and external editor :-)

I know! This is crazy! Thank you, as always, for your continued support and encouragement. You're right it seems like a longer text get more notice and praise in the form of votes. Perhaps am going to be continuing the thread and maybe will revisit with Devon and the thing in return trip.
And yes, I will absolutely be using an external editor from now on.

Perhaps?? eyyy you have to do it!! althought behing some many words are a lot of work, i'd be exhausted writing so long text.
Just (of course you do whatever you want) post sometimes another short texts :-) , i'm still a little intrigued about the girl who was in that boat and realizing that... all has ended.
Congratulations and cheerrrsss for writing more and... earning more... :-)

Ahh yes. That is a good story. I'll have to continue that one too. the poems, and blog posts are daily requirements for my writing, so they'll continue. I had no idea a story like this would be so well received. i'll absolutely continue them.

Thank you so much for your encouragement and continued support :)!

Hi @jocelynlily I feel I should explain "what happened" here. Your post was submitted to and approved by / upvoted by @curie. The big payout votes that came through after @curie are part of the @curie "curation trail" - they automatically followed the @curie vote.

A few things to note - Curie is not designed to be a sustainable earnings solution for an author - rather, Curie is designed to give a big bump up to undiscovered authors who are creating quality posts, giving them a larger stake in the platform and (hopefully) incentivizing them to remain on Steem. The primary goal of Curie is to upvote exceptional posts by authors who are persistent with little success. You obviously fit this bill with a lot of quality posting and very little reward to show for it (previously!).

Curie does not (typically) upvote the same author multiple times, or at least not in close succession, and in any case, not for the same kind of posting that was previously upvoted by Curie. I mention this because I see many authors trying to catch that Curie lightning in a bottle by continuing to post the exact same kind of post that received a Curie upvote the first time. I just want you to understand what happened, and that continuing to post this same kind of story will likely not have the same success. I love this story and am not saying NOT to keep posting more like this, just wanting to give you the full scoop.

RE post length, I personally felt the post was on the long side to begin with when it was "unfinished", and part 2 could well have been its own post instead of edited on as an addition here. Of course you can write posts of any length, we are just talking about my personal opinion here now (not to be read as any sort of official Curie position about post length) - but I feel personally that Steem is not that well suited to longer form posting.

One last thing - check out

It is an online markdown editor so you can type your posts up and see them in same formatting as here - if you do not know what markdown is, the native post editor on uses markdown language for formatting and you can get the basics from any number of tutorials if you Google Steemit markdown tutorial.

Much love - Carl

You can read more about @curie here:
Also the weekly @curie author showcase:
And weekly @curie update:

Carl, Thank you for the explanation. I appreciate the guidance, the information, and the opinion. I'm reminded of Charles Dickens, and how he wrote his books: episodic and relatively short coming out each week in the paper. Perhaps steemit should be approached similarly and produce serial style. I'm not the biggest fan of reading things like that, but perhaps it lends itself better for this platform.

Thanks for the markdown editor link. I'll be sure to use it in the future. I appreciate your attention to detail and gleaning from my posts needs and helpful guidance.

I'll celebrate this explosive anomaly and hope that through hard work and continuing the "writing slog" I'll some day see this as a regular occurance through excellence and effort.

Is the @curie theory that by giving a large "taste" of potential it will encourage creators to continue their hard work? LIke the feeling you get when you publish your first book on Amazon and you're inspired to keep writing? Thank you!

RE your last question, yes, that, but also just to give you a literal stake in the platform. You could of course choose to cash out your earnings from this post pay out and take them off platform, but you could also convert the post earnings to Steem and "power up" to give you more steem power (stake) with which to use the platform. As the Steem network experiences more use, the lowest stake accounts are frozen out of using the network because of bandwidth shortages. This is already happening now in periods of peak use - users with less than 40 SP are often experiencing negative bandwidth as higher stake users are prioritized when use of the network exceeds bandwidth. Curie gives quality authors (should they choose to power up) the stake necessary to continue using the platform.

Cheers - Carl

not really sure if I get this. Is there more to come?

science fiction, fantasy, erotica
check out some posts, no obligation

Not done yet. posted to save the work. I should really type it out on a different editor first and paste it in.

Yes, lost posts are a recurring problem on steemit platform. Half way done posts disappear all the time to the unaware poster.

Happens to the best of us. That being me. And I should have known, being a life-long software engineer. Ha ha double on me for that.

Anyway, use a word processor, or even a simple text editor, and go to steemit when done. Post your text, then when it's in the steemit box, then you can paste in your pictures to go along with your story.

One more thing, you can add a line at the end, ... to be continued ...
that forgives all.

Be good, be naughty, write well, write dirty.
I'll be looking forward to the next installment.
Just respond here that it's been posted. If I like, I'll follow you.

Thank you for your insight and encouragement. I used Scrivener to write the final portion of the story. 3k words! Good thing I did it there.

The copy/paste leaves a little to desire and it looks like I'll have to edit in spaces to make it more legible. Your encouragement and comments inspired me to finish the story today. Hopefully it is naughty, well written and dirty enough to stimulate and fascinate.

The next installment is added to the original post. enjoy!

Hi, I just re-read your story. So glad I got the second part, where the fun (if I can call it that) happens.

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