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Hello Curious People!

The sad thing is how easy it will be to shuffle people into this new world order. If we assume China is the beta test for an all encompassing system of control imagine how easy bringing that to the west right now would be. All you would need is some classic Bernays PR: "Wouldn't you like to know how trustworthy people are before investing your time in a relationship with them?", "We already decide this with the monetary credit system we use, why not introduce a social credit system in order to make life more efficient?", stuff like that, stuff that sounds utopian on the outside but has a sinister hidden purpose. Most leftists and likely a lot from every part of the political spectrum would LOVE to live under a system like this because from the outside it appears to give every individual more power and it will for a time, as the leftist ideology once did, once it has taken root in society it will only be used for control as the leftist ideology now is being used. Anyone who refuses to live under such a system will be marked as untrustworthy because they are clearly attempting to hide something that would be detrimental to society.

I've been brainstorming a book based on this very thing, if I can ever get the plot down I'm going to call it "The Network" or something similar. It would essentially be a future version of Egger's "The Circle" where privacy is deemed a threat to society as a whole, after all it is in privacy that rebellions are formed..


To be Continued soon....

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