Equality and Contribution

in equality •  last year

Finding wrong, a secret satisfaction in my sometimes superior voting power, I decided to write this. No, I am not a whale, but for many of the regular folk my vote makes a difference.

Sometimes I think, wow I just doubled his payout as the 10th vote. But soon I realized this is misguided or arrogant thinking. Having more voting power does not make me better, smarter or more significant. What people actually offer as unique individuals is what gives this platform and other things value.

Some may contribute more or less and societal systems may place them as they will, but wisdom is found in strange places, and I hope not to miss it. Some have great power to influence despite having little obvious significance within their systems.

It is ironic that I would notice this small flaw in myself about the time of my writing about the US declaration of independence, which states that all men are created equal and endowed with unalienable rights.

The lesson here is to not place ourselves to highly, especially when our and other's judgement is so limited. Riches, voting-power and cultural systems are not the end-all indicator of unique worth or value.

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