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When I first started investing in cryptocurrencies I was after one thing, to maximise my investment. I didn’t really care about the coin or the community, only how I could maximise profits. I pushed all my spare money into cryptocurrencies.
I stopped buying my lunch at work each day because I figured that even for the cost of the sandwich I could save enough money to buy a few Ripple or a minuscule amount of bitcoin. So I started taking a packed lunch to work each day.

I went on like this for months. More often than not the money I invested into a cryptocurrency saw it’s price slowly dwindle lower and lower. I eventually reached a point when I asked myself, am I enjoying this? Is this how I want to live life? What is the meaning in this? It was from there that I started looking for meaning in the trades I made.

I eventually reached a point when I asked myself, am I enjoying this?

Meaning and Purpose

I stopped searching for that ultimate 10x profit and instead started to search for something more. By asking certain questions I soon perceived that the main factor that inspired me was the idea of a community that supported each other in a common goal to bring forth a practical everyday solution through adaptation of new technologies in a meaningful way to help others.

With my new focus set firmly in my intentions, I soon discovered that there were literally hundreds of cryptocurrencies out there. In fact when I modified the settings on my discord profile I was suddenly inundated with invites to join new start-up cryptocurrencies daily. I was shocked by how many there were. Every day there seemed to be more and more new cryptocurrencies created. A lot of them I breezed over and a few of them I investigated further. But what I started to realise was that nearly all of these cryptocurrencies had no more practical application than a speculative store of value.

nearly all of these cryptocurrencies had no more practical application than a speculative store of value

They weren’t being used for a payment system, or to make tasks easier for people, or to even help people. In fact there seemed to be no intrinsic value to them other than what people arbitrarily gave them. The common element to all of them I found was that they all talked about ‘Lambos’ and when they were going to ‘moon’. I wasn’t sure if they really believed that they would be getting the lambos or moon, but I suspected most likely not.

It soon became apparant to me which type of cryptocurrencies were worth pursuing and which ones were not. To determine if a cryptocurrency project was meaningful to me I came up with a set of criteria to ‘sift the chaff from the wheat’. Below is the my list of criteria:

  1. Does it help people?
  2. Does it provide a benefit that is not already being met by other curries or processes?
  3. Is the main motivation of the coin to make money for the developers and those that ‘got in early’ OR to help others in need?
  4. Would I derive meaning in joining their community?
  5. Could I contribute and help in a meaningful way?
  6. Do I feel passion for the project and does it excite me?
  7. Does the project align with my own values and what I think is a worthwhile pursuit?

    You may look at this criteria and think of other more important factors, or think mine are complete rubbish. And there’s nothing wrong with that. This is just my own set of criteria that resonates with who I am and where I’m at. They are very subjective, I understand that.

That’s why it’s important for you to understand what criteria you personally find meaningful.

The List

Take some quiet time to reflect on what criteria feels right for you. Write them down, change the priority of them and see what you come up with. You may end up surprising yourself. Once you’ve done this, go through each of the cryptocurrencies that you’re invested in and check if any of them satisfy your newly formed criteria.

it’s important for you to understand what criteria you personally find meaningful

I found that a lot of mine where not aligned with my newly formed criteria.

I developed a great zest searching for those projects that filled me with a passion for purpose and meaning, ultimately those that would satisfy my list.

It was then that I stumbled upon a new cryptocurrency called Equaliser.

The Equaliser of Meaning

The mission of Equaliser is to help people own their own homes.

Equaliser is a Blockchain based solution that aims to provide affordable, strong, energy efficient homes at a cost far below that of traditional homes. The Equaliser blockchain will contain a title registry, proof of ownership and smart contract functionality. The homes will be built utilising unique geodesic dome designs which are proven to be extremely lost cost, light with minimum materials required. Also the benefit of this type of home is that they are hurricane and wild fire resistant. This means that Equaliser will be able to provide homes to those that would normally struggle to own their own home. Equaliser will empower those that traditionally would not be able to afford their own home to buy a beautifully designed, strong and low cost home that they are proud of.

Equaliser is a Blockchain based solution that aims to provide affordable, strong, energy efficient homes at a cost far below that of traditional homes

The Starting Ground

The first area that Equaliser will target to bring their innovative building process to is Puerto Rico. There are many advantages to starting in this unincorporated U.S. territory. It is a small-ish island that has been decimated by hurricanes and a government that has racked up a debt of around $72 billion (USD) over the last 10 years.

45% of the 3.3 million population are considered below the poverty line and there is a huge demand for low cost housing of a nature that can withstand the natural elements that Puerto Rico experiences. It is here that Equaliser can have a huge impact by helping a great many achieve their dream of owning their own home, as well as providing natural disaster relief. Once Equaliser has begun in Puerto Rico and proven its effectiveness it will expand globally and help other countries and areas in need.

How does Equaliser fit in to my list of criteria?

  1. Equaliser is about helping people, in times of natural disaster and building unique affordable homes for those that would normally be unable to buy their own home.
  2. To my knowledge Equaliser is only project dedicated to provide housing and offering a cryptocurrency as a payment system, as well as smart contracts for Title registry.
  3. The main motivation of the Equaliser community is to help others.
  4. I feel I’ve derived a lot of meaning and purpose from being part of the Equaliser community. By helping Equaliser I’m supporting them in their goal to help others.
  5. I do feel that I am contributing in a meaningful way, by spreading the word and building awareness for the Equaliser mission? The more supporters Equaliser has on board, the greater its effectiveness can be, and the greater the network of contacts and partnerships can be brought together in a mutually beneficial manner.
  6. Yes, the Equaliser project really excites me and I can see a huge amount of potential for Equaliser as a crytocurrency as well as in its pursuit to provide affordable housing to those in need.
  7. I think the Equaliser project aligns very well with my own values and I feel my sense of satisfaction in what I’m doing has greatly increased since I joined the Equaliser project.


I feel that by helping Equaliser, I’m helping others and also myself. It’s a win win situation for all those involved. I’ve gone through my own personal investment criteria and found an amazing match-up with Equaliser as a result. I implore others to create their own investment criteria. If your values are close to mine then you too may be interested in joining and supporting the Equaliser project. Whether you do or not is up to you, but one thing I can guarantee is that by thinking, writing down and prioritising your investment criteria you will find a greater level of satisfaction in what you’re doing and how you pursue your goals.

With love and peace,

Paul Clarke

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