Epstein it's not above the the rule of God. Let Justice be served

No not shocked at all.

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like i told you nobody will go to jail and just like kenneth lay didnt kill himself neither did epstein they are living large somewhere and im still waiting for people to go to jail
nobody will go to jail as i keep telling you and also said epstein will never testify long ago
its funny how good people such as yourself and others are so out to lunch on these matters
trump is part of the clinton and bush dynasty and i really wish good people such as yourself would stop with the brainwashing and helping the establishment foment a civil war here with this bullshit that people spew about the elite going to jail
truly a shame when good people start spewing propaganda of your nature
you could learn a lot from half dollar on shtfplan
have a good day sean and i hope to god you wake up one day along with dave janda

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