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from SGT Report:

Try the Brave browser - It's FASTER than Chrome & Safari and it WON'T spy on you. It's FREE AND PRIVATE! (Make sure you INSTALL it after downloading it) https://brave.com/sgt200

In this one Wayne Jett and I discuss the mystery surrounding Jeffrey Epstein, SerialBrain 2, geoengineering & much more. Thank for tuning in.


Sean, I am With You on that Thought "Healthy Sprays" is BS, You Know It and I Know It............@sgtreport

I have seen chem trails here in lake county Illinois , and one day I got caught in the rain 🌧 and my eyes hurt like when you get soap 🧼 in them⁉️Great 👍 show . Thank you 🙏 for your hard work 😓👏👍

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