Prison Protocols Ignored, Cellmate Transfered Leading Up to Epstein's Execution, Attorney General Can't 'Understand' How This Happened

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In a further demonstration of the obviousness and absurdity of an alleged "suicide" by Jefferey Epstein, even the New York Attorney General Letitia James says *she finds it "very difficult to understand how something like this could have happened."


Well, missy, it's pretty easy to understand once you stop thinking in a box of ignorance with which you've been conditioned you're whole life. Epstein was a problem to many rich and powerful people who needed to keep a lid on him spilling any beans about their involvement. This was the eventual outcome.

That's why Epstein told people someone tried to kill him weeks ago, while officials and the media reported it as an "attempted suicide". This was the first stage of creating the narrative of a suicidal man who would eventually take his own life.

Another inmate at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) said it's impossible to kill yourself in those cells:

"I’ve done too much time in those units. It’s an impossibility. Between the floor and the ceiling is like eight or nine feet. There’s no way for you to connect to anything."

If he was indeed found hanging, it would take some skilled craftsmen of the fake-suicide hitman trade to pull that off.

Additionally, the NYT reports that jail staff failed to follow protocols they are required to do as part of their job that their trained to do in the time leading up to his death. They deliberately didn't do their jobs because events were orchestrated to prevent them from doing so at the time, delaying them, or they were bribed/threatened to not do it.

Further, it looks like no camera footage is available. That's a classic MO for hits where the recording equipment was disabled prior to the event, or the recording erased after.

To top it all off, Epstein's had a cellmate who would have been a witness to it all. Yet, he was "oddly" transfered out of the cell, leaving Epstein alone, ready for the final nail in his coffin with a hitman-completed fake-suicide.

Now the medical examiner's autopsy report is being delayed "pending further information". Maybe there is evidence of a struggle, or that some wounds can't be self-inflicted, and this contradicts the narrative that is to be put forth.

This event wreaks of an engineered hit. All the pieces fit.


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Excuse the phrase .. You are dead on. My other "theory" is he is in the witness protection program. And that would mean mucho people being payed off or threatened.

LOL exactly my thoughts this morning! Of course it wasn't suicide. Do people really believe that?

I agree about the engineered hit. Something smells very fishy. Thanks for the perspective an update @krnel

If I was directing the movie version I would have him having a "Dead man switch" which kept him alive since his previous arrest, and then having those that are afraid of him speaking fake his suicide. This prevents the Dead Man Switch from activating, him being forced to testify, and him being taken into the witness protection system.

Instead, he goes into the Protect the Accused from their Witness system!

Just a good possible plot twist... Who knows?

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Josh Reeves has some crazy info

Also just listened to the outer light Jeff Epstein won the Oklahoma lottery just one day after entering prison in 2008. Insane

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