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I guess it was way too cold for Chelsea.
They dominated the whole match for the 90 minutes.
Actually they dominated the first half.
Definitely the cold.
Last time Bournemouth won was 1988.
Second half went all to Chelsea but goals were all scored by Bournemouth.
Score 4:0.
Unlucky Chelsea fell back to fifth place to Arsenal.
MU is breathing behind Chelsea neck.
This was embarrassing for them to lose to a team not even part of top 10.
Now they are.
My question do they really want to win ?
Dropping to fifth now makes it hard while Tottenham barely gets by.
Saturday match will be pivotal for Chelsea, Arsenal, MU.
If Chelsea wins and MU wins , Arsenal might fall back and put more pressure on the fourth place.
Man city will not lose twice.
Chelsea also.
Keep on postin


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Surprised that they lost by 4. I was watching the Liverpool game and they could have lost that one too. Seems there is a long way to go yet in the season before we know the top 4.

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Long way to go. Chelsea may retake the spot but it will be a fight.
MU is coming strong.

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It's going to be tight up there. Tight for 1st-2nd and very tight for 4th.

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