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I want to inspire someone with these words because over the years it has been of great value to me. Sit tight as we read through these words that changed my mentality. Tribute to my pastor Evangelist Joseph and other men of God that have impacted into my life.

Ignorance of your God-given rights makes you suffer unnecessarily.
stagnation is an indication that we are ignorant of God's will.
You cannot respect what you don't recognize.
God has away of hiding treasures inside of trash.
You gain respect by your action and not by your appellation.
It is possible to know and not believe but difficult to believe and not know.
In waiting on God is our faith demonstrated.
There is a connection between knowledge and vision. the more the knowledge, the more the vision.
Any time you applaud someone Else's blessing, you are coming closer to your own.
you really can't attain true success in life without understanding seasons.
you can't go beyond your level of alliances.
you need to confront you to conquer you.
when you throw away the map, you will end up in the wrong place.
one of the sure signs that you have entered your season is that you don't struggle for things to happen.
Great trees have deep roots.
Failure is only real when you stop trying.

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