Swine Flu Grips Indian State Of Gujarat : 14 More Deaths Reported Taking Total To 190.

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The western state of Gujarat in India has been the most affected as swine flu grips the country and its neighbors. Most states in India are on high alert and almost every state government has taken measures to tackle the problem which is rapidly becoming an epidemic.

In Gujarat alone, 1609 cases have been reported from around 18 districts of the state, and the death toll has now crossed 190 with an additional 14 deaths reported yesterday.

People walking around with medical masks is a common scene on most Indian roads as the threat of contracting Swine Flu (H1N1 infection) looms over the country.
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  1. http://indianexpress.com/article/india/13-more-deaths-due-to-swine-flu-toll-now-190-in-gujarat-4795448/

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Omg this is bad. But the news not yet viral on the media. And even India has the plenty of medicines to fight against swine-flu. I hope this virus will go far away from the earth. I am from India though,


India has the largest capacity for production of "Generic" drugs and most states are making it available with a subsidy. I too am from India, but from Sikkim and have been spared yet.


nice to meet you.. I am from holland... Do you want to consider to vote for me as witness? You can make my dreams come true.