1000 Free EPC tokens for first 10 comments

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EPC is the native token of https://epicdice.io/?ref=vegeta

You can also purchase them at https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=EPC

It would be appreciated if you signup through my link, but all you really have to do is a leave a comment to receive 1000 EPC. Only human comments will be rewarded so bots don't count. You must be new to Epic Dice. You cannot make multiple comments and your Rep has to be 45 or above. Offer only go on today and tomorrow May 27-28 EST.


Over 1000!!!!....EPC tokens :P

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I know I said 45 rep but in your case I'll let it slide this time. I'm gonna send 1000 EPC. Have fun!

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You wanted tokens?

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Great initiative! What a way to bring in new players to Epic platform!

I think, you should have added the rule that only people new to epicdice platform will be rewarded these free tokens.

Good idea, will do.

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You are and I have sent 1000 EPC. https://bloks.xyz/@von-doom

You're welcome

This is really great by you brother i am interested to know more about your project . thanks

I sent you 1000 EPC. If you ever play Epic Dice, don't get greedy and don't play with more than you are willing to lose.

I'll take your tokens.

Thanks bliud. :D

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