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Hive gaming is live

We've been waiting for too long, and it's finally here. You can now bet HIVE on all our games from Dice, Between to Blackjack! All 3 games are now accepting both HIVE and STEEM. While EPC betting is exclusively available on Dice only.

Bet EPC to win HIVE

As one of the EpicDice killer features, players can now directly win HIVE from EPC betting, instead of STEEM. By betting EPC, one does not only play at exclusive odds to win HIVE, but EPC was generously burnt to boost our internal EPC rate, which eventually decreasing overall token supply and create more demand on the market.

One EPC, Dual Dividend

This is a special moment for our beloved EPC holders. Under EpicDice absolute transparent mechanism, Hive will have its dedicated dividend pool and 50% profit from the @epicdice will be shared to all EPC holders. On top of that, the same EPC will be claiming dividend from STEEM pool, as always. Simply put, one EPC is now able to claim 2 sources of dividend!

EPC is officially on Hive Engine

EPC migration from Steem Engine to Hive Engine has been completed smoothly with the help of @eonwarped. Users have been airdropped the equivalent amount of EPC in Hive Engine. EPC in Steem Engine has been delisted shortly after the migration. From now on, EPC is living exclusively on Hive Engine only.

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