Woman Shares Her Epic Dog Saga On Twitter, And It Will Bring You Tears Of Laughter

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 A lot of crazy things can happen on a dog walk. Maybe your pup starts chasing a squirrel, maybe a squirrel starts chasing your pup. 

Or perhaps you run out of treats so your four-legged friend decides to scouse borrow an ice cream from a child. Who is aware of! The latest unexpected come upon that cherie priest and her two doggos had on one in all their strolls, but, sincerely tops that list.

“greyson is normally pleasant to the whole thing and absolutely everyone; he’s an easy-going guy, although he'll absolutely bark at different dogs,” cherie advised bored panda. “lucy is a bit trickier. She comes from a hard historical past and she or he has some troubles, specifically – she’s very canine-reactive. That said, lucy loves puppies, and she adores small puppies.”

Chunk the pomeranian ran away from its proprietor and its first goals were cherie’s gang individuals. It turned into the first time they met him from up-close. “as soon as earlier than, bite’s momma saw us coming – and scooped him as much as convey him interior,” priest introduced.. “then she got here out to go to with greyson and lucy. She loves puppies! She simply knows bite may be a touch weirdo, that’s all.”

This time changed into special. There had been screams, bites, the whole shebang you’d anticipate from a tiny furball that thinks it’s sooo badass. “before everything, i notion it changed into hilarious. He’s essentially a seashore ball made of hair.”

And in view that cherie’s a creator, her twitter thread is nothing less of a beautifully written motion comedy. Scroll down and check out how the whole thing unfolded!

P.S. Lucy apologizes to every body who desired a photo of the whole trio. “once I’m walking greyson and lucy, i don’t normally have a unfastened hand for candid photography, i’m afraid. And i don’t typically walk them down the block wherein chew lives (it’s kind of an extended loop via the neighborhood), but i’ve commenced taking my telephone once I do. On the grounds that they’re all friends now, i’ll try and get pix of all of them collectively, someday.”

This is Cherie Priest, a proud dog owner:


On one of her routine walks, Cherie and her gang experienced a hilarious encounter

No doggos were harmed!

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