Introducing the EOSVibes team

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Daniel Dunne - Project Lead

Daniel is an experienced Technical Recruiter who has put together this dynamic team over the last year. Daniel was the first employee in AWS Europe to get payrolled wages in Bitcoin back in 2016. Ever since leaving that role, Daniel has been working on creating a decentralised Jobs application to solve the problems people have experienced when dealing with centralised recruitment agencies; and help clean up the environment at the same time. Daniel has both the experience and industry contacts needed to evolve this technically proficient team.

Daniel Beere - Design Lead

Our Lead Designer contributed design on the PolkaDot Blockchain product while another member on our team has experience being a dedicated block producer for another major DPoS blockchain. His experience of launching a blockchain in the past and dealing with teething issues that come up during this time will be of great benefit to our team as we pledge to be an optimal EOS Block Producer.

Basit Raza - Lead Developer

Basit first got involved in blockchain development using ‘graphene’ technology when Dan Larimer developed it for Bitshares. During the last few years Basit has mainly worked on Ethereum and NEO based projects. Most notably, Basit was a core developer on the Emusify Dapp team which won an award from the NEO council for the City of Zion competition that was held last year. We feel Basit's experience working with different blockchains will be invaluable. Basit is currently working in EOS BP Group 1 concentrating on the task of generating and testing the genesis snapshot from ETH ERC-20 data.

Yumna Ghazi - Senior Developer

Yumna has been a freelance blockchain developer for a number of years. She has mainly worked on Solidity development but has also set up and secured nodes for various clients, mainly DASH and Bitcoin Nodes. Yumna also has extensive cyber security experience having worked in the fields of  threat intelligence, authorization, authentication, privacy and data security. She has been a software engineer for the last 4 years building security products from concept through to production. 

Kyle - Strategy Lead

Kyle is a well-known EOS community member. He has already volunteered a great deal of his time educating people all over the world about EOS and the benefits it is likely to bring. Kyle has a very popular YouTube channel called The Awakenment that mainly talks about all things EOS. Kyle has a background in Business, Investing and E-Commerce.


Nice post. I am looking forward to join the team :)