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Hi, EOSers,

Recently, EosStore is giving full support for DApp mainly by organizing weekly technology salons and technical trainings, and by launching development kit. We welcome developers with good projects to communicate with us.

EosStore Weekly Report is as follows:

  1. Attending global BP Zoom meetings on time everyday (It was laborious to follow these meetings until late night) . Major discussions of global BP Zoom meetings this week were as follows:

1)System Contract Upgrade
1)System Contract Upgrade
2)Action Plan proposal
3)Block Producer Traditions proposal
4)Call Schedule - Recording & Release
5)Unregistered Tokens
6)Referendum Smart Contract Update
7)ECAF Funding

  1. Involving in recommending and reviewing of ECAF arbitration candidates.

  2. Participating in the meeting to establish the EOS-related fund, strongly supporting the EOSPioneer fund technically and financially.

  3. By June 24th 14:52,2018, eosstorebest is ranked at 18th among 21 block producers.

  4. The EosStore has compiled some voting tools, as follows. Vote for eosstorebest

    • How to vote in huobipool
    • How to vote in Pomelo
    • How to vote in imToken
  1. Version 1.1 of EosStore website has been partially developed and now in its testing phase. More DApp has been listed. New functions are waiting for you to experience.

  2. The Technology Salon of EosStore is scheduled to hold next week. Welcome more developers join the activity and follow our WeChat official account to know more about it.

Have a good day :)

EosStore | Get your commercial DApp ideas off the ground.

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