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What is life without a community,
What is a community without people
People to love
People to grow with
People to build with
People to teach and learn from
People to serve
People to inspire
People to share in your pain and be a part of your joy

We are on a journey
We need each other's strength
We need each other's warmth
We need each other's backs

Why walk alone when there's a community specially created for you


Join the movement
Telegram: https://t.me/@eosnigeria
Steemit: https://steemit.com/@eosng
Twitter: https://twitter.com/@eosng
Email: [email protected]


@eosng obviously has come to further better the lives of the Nigerian community and beyond.

The primary aim of this project is just inspiring. > > >

Building more than blocks

Encapsulates the idea that @eos-io would contribute immensely to standard of living in the Nigerian community through the first Nigerian BP @eosng.
I am glad to be part of this wonderful project.

A community whose vision is in the past ,cant stand the future. But a community whose vision is to create a future is one worth investing and building with.

@eosng has proven to be the community to build with.

Community is about people who are bonded to each other with a higher purpose, a higher calling and a deeper meaning

@eosng is poised to seeing that a community of people who are not just close geographically but one where members will feel connected and responsible for what they experience together.

@eosng is a community destined for the moon

You are so correct my dear brother!

Why walk alone when there's a community specially created for you.

Let us join hands to make it work.

Thank you @eosng for the privilege of being in this community!

This is a good development.

I support @eoang
Together we can.. Let's go there!!!!!!

This is impressive!

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