I Successfully Executed EOS Smart Contract!

in #eoskorea3 years ago (edited)

It is very happy to say that I successfully ran EOS smart contract provided as example contract, named currency. Surely I also compiled eosd, eosc too.

Here are screenshots

eosd going to #202 blocks.

eosc showing blockchain and account information, and made transfer.

currency which I setcode on my local node and successfully executed (just for testing purpose)

The specific guide will be updated soon on #eoskorea and #eos-dev


How long until EOS is out of beta 1 year?

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Congrats! If youre looking for a project, I have an idea

good job. done followed and resteem.

Great news for the community!
Thanks so much for sharing!

Looking forward to the guide :)

nice to see people are playing around with eos... progress is always a good thing.

Nice, that's a lot of JSON!!! I've been meaning to look more into EOS. Seems like it scales very well and can handle boat loads of transactions per second!

You got my vote and a resteem :]

congratulations !

Good job! I love EOS ;)

Ah, so cool! I saw a post in Telegram with some example stuff and was wondering how close we are to some local development examples. I hope I can carve off some time soon to play with this. Well done!

The Future is NOW


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That's great! Great job! :)

Just posted this article that talks about EOS as the 4th generation blockchain challenge for Steem.

Analysis of Steem's Economy - A Social Scientist's First Impressions - Part 3/4 in the series.


Great work nice post love it

Very cool! I am also planning to start getting acquainted with EOS development.

Let us know how you make out! Im looking for devs!

I don't know exactly but I will keep it up with your post

Wow! This is so exciting! Thank you for sharing this awesome news!

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