The new EOSIDE tool + latest EOS Factory 3.1.1 release notes by Tokenika.

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It’s been a very busy time for us recently, and today we would like to share with you the fruits of our labour. As EOS Factory is maturing into a full-blown smart contract IDE, not only new features are added to it, but also additional layers introduced. One of such layers, we have the pleasure of announcing today, along with the new release 3.1.1 of EOS Factory.

EOSIDE 1.0 — the brand new EOS smart contract integrated development environment

Our new addition to the EOS developer ecosystem and the EOS Factory suite goes under the name of EOSIDE. It is a foundation for a smart-contract IDE, currently available for download as a Visual Studio Code store under this link, and the documentation is available here. Its main function is to further simplify your developer workflow by offering a solid IDE feature set integrating with the testing capabilities of EOS Factory + documentation and instructional videos.

EOSIDE main features include:

  • project standardization,
  • easy access to project archive,
  • referencing documentation and tutorials,
  • automatic availability of standard libraries,
  • dependency management,
  • IntelliSense code completion,
  • compilation and building,
  • testing,
  • deployment.

We hope this tool will speed up your development, and as usual, for any feedback, leave your comments below or directly at our EOS Factory Telegram support group.

The below video shows the installation process of EOSIDE:

And shown here is the workflow in a short 5 minute tutorial:

EOS Factory 3.1.1
The second release is the new EOS Factory, version 3.1.1, and it features several new functionalities and bug fixes, most important of which are:

  • The ability to gather console output from all actions
  • Support for arbitrary folder structure
  • Bug fixes and workflow improvements

Documentation can be found here, and as usual, we’d love to hear the communities feedback on this one.

Final words
We would like to thank the EOS open source community for engaging with, with honourable mentions to Yaroslav Erohin for contribution on one of the Factory’s new features, and also Jon-Eric Cook of Strongblock for assisting us in improving of the platform. Since EOS is all about community, there can never be enough of meaningful interactions on that front.

Thank you all, and if you like our work, please support us with your votes for Tokenika4eos :)

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