Trybe - Knowledge and Content Sharing Platform (Earn Tokens Right Away)

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We are on Steemit because we love reading and writing. Im always up to date with the news and i lately found and tested another social media platform built on EOS called Trybe.

When you land there first thing you gonna see is beautiful design and.. money in your account. You get 100 tokens right away just for registration from here.
Also for every action - rating, writing a post or logging daily - you earn tokens.

The Looks

See this letter and bell icons? You have build in messaging and notifications on the platform. Also you can get email everytime you earn tokens or someone comments (you set up ho often you want emails - if at all).

How to Post


As i said posting costs 50 tokens, i took time to meet the platform and its nuances before suggesting it so you can avoid wasting money and learn from me here.

  • minimum 300 signs
  • you can embed video or upload (not embed!) images
  • on the top right, you see a camera, this is a header image that you need to add
  • chose categories from the tree
    What happens when you send a post and its bad? It comes back to you with the comment of the moderator (theres no autoapproval!) and to re-submit you have to pay again. So dont send post without images or with 299 words or you will waste tokens.

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thank so much sir joining in now

btw what's minimum signs??

signs ;) letters

You got a 70.49% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @hassanabid!

Awesome post @kingscrown!

There are a LOT of features coming up as well, such as weekly and monthly reward pools for the best content creators, night mode, integrated wallet, much better review/editorial system, airdrops, staking, renting etc.

What I think they are solving is what everyone is annoyed about with Steemit - that great content is not nesecarilly rewarded.

They want to have a ceiling of how big a whale account can grow, and while keeping the "grinding" effect of getting more voting power, slowly top it that someone who is staking 50k tokens does perhaps have twice as much voting power as someone with 25k tokens, but someone with 100k tokens does not have twice as much as someone with 50k tokens.

Also keep in mind that Trybe is in its infancy, and they are constantly upgrading. Great team and all ready a great community focusing on quality content. Yes, I am biased (as a trybe hodler) BUT..the editorial is making sure quality content is on the front page - so I use the site to stay up to date on crypto stuff.

How cool. I'll give it a try.

its really good!

I think you need to fix your link for following your profile. I got a 404 page. I'll search for your name and see if I can find you that way. Thanks for the heads up. I think I'm going to have to actually get an EOS wallet now and stop just leaving my coins on the exchange LOL. (And no, other than BNB I don't normally leave coins on exchanges. But EOS was confusing as heck.)

it has got potential. i like that each page has its own referral link. And for now logging in each day gets you tokens.

Fantastic. Signed up with your link. RIP traditional social media.

great and .. enjoy!

EOS account is confusing to newbies like me

no need of EOS for now

Everything takes time to learn, but you dont need EOS or anything to use Trybe like Kingscrown mentioned. What is important with EOS is that you need a wallet like EOS_voter by greymass or Simpleos by Genereos. You can create an account in the lynx wallet or a website called eos-account-creator. Accounts have private keys and public keys AND an account name (like steemit) with 12 letters. If you buy an account called sabari183452 you can buy EOS on an exchange and send that EOS to that account name. Now log in to your wallet with your private key and there is your funds. You also have private ACTIVE keys and private OWNERS key (very much like steem's active, owner) remember Dan Larimer is the creator of both steem and eos. So you can create two key sets..the active key is the one you use for everyday transactions, while the owners key can CHANGE the active key (if the active key gets compromised)

Then there is something called Scatter which is used very much like Metamask for Ethereum, a plug in or desktop version that interacts with dapps.

It's a bit difficult for noobs, but one you get the hang of it, its amazing, and there is SO much to do. Gambling, games, decentralized exchanges, airdrops, you name it. You can spend the entire day playing around in the EOS eco-system.

Lol, manual approval XD good luck with more than 1000 users blogging daily... And on top of that you have to pay to make a post. Who design things like this??

small catch - moderators get paid for this approvals (maybe even 100%). no idea how to be a moderator yet though ;) i assume after some number of good articles

Editors are paid for their work. You pay to post to ensure that people dont on steemit, which is just a big spam pond. People trying to solve the reason why steemit is failing as a blogging platform are the people who designs things like this. :)
Also, you pay 50 trybe tokens..if you make a good post you easily earn 500 tokens. So that's a pretty good ROI. Soon you can also stake tokens, so that 50 tokens to post is not an issue. But it disincentivise spammers from spamming.

Plus..the reviewing/editorial system is not finished yet. It is going to become much more intricate.

I see you are pro eos :) internet is also a big spam pond but we have tools to easily find content that we are interested in. We need the same for STEEM :)

A very good platform, although it is only a beta version.
Already actively use it.

Very good information I'll try to see how.

try it

I've been there since a few month ago @kingscrow
It feels more assertive and strict rules, Spamner will not be able to do it.

thats great :)

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