Anox Giveaway - 100 USD Worth Per Steemian!

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I know you guys love those so here is another one. | Professional management for the masses

Ever wished you could take advantage of the same investment opportunities the big end of town does? Introducing and the ANX token. ANOX is a revolutionary security token issued on the EOS blockchain giving every day people access to exclusive investment opportunities traditionally reserved for the uber rich ... We're bringing professional funds management to the masses.

Financial Underground Kingdom Airdrop

To celebrate the launch of the ANX seed round,, in collaboration with Financial Underground Kingdom, are giving away $100 USD worth of ANX EOS tokens to each and every user who joins the ANOX discord & Kingscrown Discord over the next 7 days. To claim, simply drop your discord name in the comments below and pop into the ANOX discord server to say hello.

Airdrop restricted to Steem accounts created before the date of this post with 35 rep or higher. Users do not need an EOS account to claim.

The token is on EOS system but they made a bot that lets you claim without one.


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wow amazing support to this post!

id discord @jony#9693

DUDE i cant believe i miussed this LOl is it with tippit tho? how did they affrod to give out $100 worth to everyone? Anyway imglad THATS over with :D we have BANJO now to give out ANXP with :D I helped get ANMX on Steem-engien and PSO so new we can send to eahc otehr a pegged ANX asset youc an dpeosit and withdraw and i was suprised when i wa son bloks.ioa nd i saw you on the richlist for ANX, i wa sliek ok nice, if kingscrown is up there, must be legit lol im also up high on teh richlist now, im sure peopel will find out itd oenst take much to get up pretty high

i have been buying everyday pumping ANX on newdex, i wanna buy up all teh cheap ANX on newdex and make people have to come to steem engine for ANX

Alright, lets get it moving :)

Hey, you know me :)
Buzzbeergeek #2573

Sounds interesting, watching with interest. Nice to see a TA member get a big project up.

My Discord name is Raven [metametheus] #4772



This is awesome! Thanks @kingscrown

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