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RE: Historical Facts about Daniel Larimer and his Contributions to the Blockchain Industry

in #eosio6 years ago (edited)

Bravo! Thank you for summarizing Dan's work over the past few years. Dan is a visionary that can execute and he has produced the best blockchain tech in the world, bar none, but has gotten no love from investors. I truly hope his time will come with EOS and am awaiting the day I open up CMC to see EOS, BTS and STEEM taking the crown.


Grrrrrrr. Upvoted. (This is the downside of steemit where people use there power for negative purposes. Why are they downvoting reasonable opinion? )

yeah thats really saddest thing :(

No idea, but thank you and have an upvote for your upvote. Don't know why people do what they do but damn there are so many better things in life to spend ones time on.

I didn't know such a thing existed. Man people are weird...

yeah its sad to kill others in personal wars that must be end

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