Guys, I didn't mean it in a derogatory way. It was my way of saying that "Daniel is the King"

Post it again as I'd like to see it...

It was this image. Daniel wearing the crown. I fail to understand why some people mistook it for something bad.

Personal issues? It's a funny image and in my mind @Dan deserves it. If people don't like your bit of fun, they should post comment or images themselves, but censoring your opinion with their collective steempower is wrong and very bad for Steemit, in my mind at least.

I see you're new. Dan has a huge number of supporters who would entirely agree with your sentiments, but also one or two who strongly disagree. That's why it was flagged.

Disgreement shouldn't attract flagging. Thats abuse of the system in my mind. Otherwise we will be at the mercy of mob mentality.

You're speaking ideologically. I'm just explaining practically, and think we are to some extent at the mercy of mob mentality.

I think downvoting should be banned. Thoughts?

If you think Dan's a genius, which I do, you wouldn't want down-voting banned. Sure it can be abused, but it's part of what regulates the community, and punishes bad behaviour. Steem wouldn't work half so well without down-voting.

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