Spectrum API running on Telos Testnet

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EOS Tribe launched a beta version of it's web-socket streaming Spectrum API on Telos Testnet (https://www.telosfoundation.io/).

Telos Testnet Spectrum API web-socket endpoint: wss://testnet.telos.eostribe.io

This version currently supports subscriptions for get_actions events with the following sample message format:

  "data":  {

Fields description:

  • event - type of events, there are two variants: “subscribe” and “unsubscribe”. Required [String].
  • type - type of endpoint. Required [String].
  • data - Contents of this object depends on type argument. Required for get_actions.
  • account - name of account. Required [String].
  • actions - List of actions name. [Object]. If actions are not specified - all actions will be matched.

Sample client in Python 3.7:

import json
from websocket import create_connection

url = "wss://testnet.telos.eostribe.io/"+path

actionsList = ["transfer","buyram"]
data = {"account":"eostribeprod"}
messageBody = {
    "data": data
ws = create_connection(url)
messageJson = json.dumps(messageBody)

while True:
   response = ws.recv()

EOS Tribe is committed to continue work on creating innovative solutions for EOSIO.

More updates are coming soon..

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