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“…EOSphere are extremely pleased to announce our registration as a DAPP Service Provider (DSP) on the LiquidApps DAPP Network”

LiquidApps recently announced their vision to optimise development on blockchain by introducing a range of products for building and scaling decentralised applications (dApps). Their first major announcement was the creation of the DAPP Network as a layer operating over the EOS Mainnet.

The DAPP Network provides EOSIO dApp developers the ability to break free of the prohibitive cost of platform resources and enables access to a range of additional services such as scalable storage in vRAM , Oracle functionality and effective task Scheduling.

The DAPP network requires organisations or entities to effectively offer the available services to the developer community these are called DAPP Service Providers (DSPs). DSPs have complete control over the offered services including type, pricing, SLA’s and duration. These services are then advertised onchain.. but are easily viewable through numerous DSP portals (see below this article) and utilised by staking DAPP Tokens. DAPP Tokens can be purchased off an Exchange or Auction as well as claimed via an Airdrop

We believe the DAPP network will serve a fundamental role in the scalability and adoption of EOSIO as a general purpose blockchain platform and EOSphere are extremely pleased to announce our registration as a DAPP Service Provider (DSP)

Currently we offer three service categories and five packages:
vRAM – an end-to-end decentralised alternative storage solution for developers building EOS dApps that is RAM-compatible
Oracle – trustless retrieval of external data for your dApp
Cron – a decentralised alternative to schedule tasks for your dApp
Similar to Block Producer rewards and voting in DPoS the DAPP network pays DSPs via inflation and how many DAPP or DAPPHDL tokens that are staked to their service (PoS). This means staking your tokens to any of the EOSphere DSP services even if you won’t be using our service will benefit our team.. so please support us through one of the DSP portals.

*there are a few staking rules for your information, i) you can select 2 of the same service types but they must be from different DSPs, ii) you can select different service types from the same DSP

It’s clearly still very early days for the DAPP Network but as more and more developers build on EOSIO it will certainly be just a matter of time before all dApps are written to take advantage of these excellent enabling services.

LiquidApps Articles:
The DAPP Network - https://link.medium.com/74rGEgdeFX
vRAM - https://link.medium.com/nyKPkWwABX
Services - https://link.medium.com/EFdR166OqX

DSP Portals:
Malta Block - https://dsp.maltablock.org/
EOS Nation - https://dsp.eosnation.io/
Aloha EOS - https://dsps.io/
Bloks.io - https://bloks.io/dsp
DSP HQ - https://dsphq.io/
MinerGate - https://minergate.com/eos-vram-providers
Mission Control - http://dsp.mest.net/

Website https://www.eosphere.io

Telegram https://t.me/eosphere_io

EOS Voter https://eosvoter.eosphere.io

EOSphere are a passionate group of EOS enthusiasts and data centre professionals currently Standby Block Producers providing services for the EOS Mainnet and Block Production services across multiple sister chains.

Based in Australia, EOSphere are focussed on supporting the EOS community and serving the entire EOSphere through provision of infrastructure, governance and community benefit initiatives.

Follow us @eosphere - twitter @eosphere_io - YouTube EOSphere - Facebook EOSphere- Medium EOSphere- bihu EOSphere

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