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Hello, EOS Community. We’re EOSeoul, a founding EOS Block Producer candidate based in Korea.
It’s been quite a while since we’ve shared our story with you. We would like to provide an update on our recent activities.

Since the beginning of EOS, we’ve seen that one of the key barriers to its expansion is the limited amount of ‘good’ DApps. We believe that the EOS ecosystem needs a convenient Dapp that users actually want to use. Therefore, we decided to focus on mass adoption, which we can describe as ‘easy, fast, secure and fun’.

Many blockchain projects were planning to raise money through an initial coin offering over the last year, but only a handful of projects have actually shown outcome. Instead, we’ve been working hard on DApp development in order to bring plausible results.

1.EOS Wallet

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In March, EOSeoul developed an EOS wallet ‘nBlocks’ for facilitating new users to get involved in the EOS ecosystem. We focused on strengthening key capabilities of a digital wallet, which include accessibility, data management and security. You can connect to the blockchain with your social (Google, Facebook) accounts just like any other apps and create a new EOS account by using in-app purchase. nBlocks will keep enhancing its security, so prepare yourselves to experience the most convenient and powerful wallet you've never seen before.

2.Dapp Research and Development

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In April, We will be launching the RNG-based raffle DApp that comes with a mobile version.

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EOSeoul is currently working on a DApp that incorporates gamification aspect and advanced mobile technology. We started this project in the fourth quarter last year and plan to release this DApp in May 2019. We will continue developing more DApps in succession to this project.

nBlocks platform has become an essential part of EOS ecosystem with ‘nBlocks wallet’ and numerous DApp services. We will notify you of the details with a new roadmap in May.

3. BP

1) Service for EOS Node API

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EOSeoul offers free API and node services to support DApps, so they have more stable service operation at lower costs. EOS Knights, the most popular and top-rated game built on EOS blockchain, is one of the DApps that use EOSeoul-supported nodes.

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EOSeoul full node is now answering approximately 10 million of requests per day.

Top 10 Geographic Breakdown

Requests originated from all around the world, with the US being the most active origin, topping South Korea.

  • United States America 3,675,592
  • South Korea 3,305,797
  • Canada 1,985,491
  • Singapore 393,837
  • Japan 313,553
  • China 292,308
  • Netherlands 120,294
  • Belarus 51,770
  • Ukraine 36,307
  • United Kingdom 19,939
  • Others 93,757

2) Proxy 'Vote to Change'

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Also, through continuous monitoring, we have been introducing BPs who are dedicated to improving the EOS ecosystem to the community. We’ll soon provide an update on ‘ Vote to Change’, a joint proxy organized between AcroEOS and EOSeoul.

4. Investment

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Building a DApp ourselves, we were able to empathize with the toils of DApp developers. We are running a crypto-acceleration program to support DApp makers that have been striving to bring innovation to the EOS ecosystem even under difficult market conditions. Projects based on EOS include 'Player.One', 'DEXEOS' and 'PUBLYTO'. Last March, we invested in Klaytn, the blockchain subsidiary of the leading Korean mobile platform 'Kakao'.

5. Education


1) EOSeoul - Seoul National University partnership

EOSeoul is running various education programs to foster the EOS community and to raise public awareness of blockchain technology. A lot of people have at least once heard about blockchain, yet only few have clear understanding of EOS. To address this problem, we collaborated with Seoul National University, the nation's top-ranked school. We held regular classes to cultivate technical knowledge of EOS and conducted R&D projects thereon.


In March, we also hosted a three day CODEOS courses for developers and product managers.

EOSeoul will constantly seek to contribute to the EOS ecosystem. We very much appreciate our supporters who have been patiently waiting for our updates. Please keep an eye out for EOSeoul!

Thank you

Team EOSeoul.


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