Weekly DAC Recap #2

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Custodian News

This week’s Custodian Board: They are re-elected every 7 days. If you want to engage in running eosDAC and make decisions for it, stake a minimum of 35000 EOSDAC and register yourself as a candidate on https://members.eosdac.io/

  • New custodian elected: Justin joins the Custodian board! Justin has been a strong DAC supporter all the way - he’s part of TelosDAC team - and also part of Brock Pierce Proxy ( #3 proxy on EOS) with Brock Pierce and Ben Sigman. We are happy to see him onboarding. His expertise will certainly add value to eosDAC’s operation! Welcome to eosDAC, Justin!

This weeks highlights

“I’ll finish up with telling you why I think you should join eosDAC. Do you believe in the idea of transparent governance? If so, eosDAC is for you. Do you want to be involved in an ecosystem that may reward you for collaborating openly with other members of the network to enhance as well as build new revenue streams? If so, eosDAC is for you. Would you like to work alongside one of the strongest dev teams in EOSIO? If so, you guessed it, eosDAC is for you! I personally believe strongly in radical transparency and believability weighted voting in public and private networks both. These mechanisms, in conjunction with each other, lead us to the best form of meritocracy I have found. I’ll leave you with a video on the topic of meritocracy that inspired me to form this line of reasoning.”

  • The final step of Lost Key Solution submitted by Michael of eosDAC has been approved by 15 BPs. Genesis account holders have until April 20, 2020 to request an account recovery through this automated solution! Use this recovery tool once it's ready (at the moment you can check whether you're eligible). If you have used the tool to recover your keys, regained access to your EOS tokens, and would like to pay your gratitude to the people behind the scene, please support the following BPs who have worked hard on the solution:
    eosdacserver (eosDAC)
    eosauthority (EOS Authority)
    libertyblock (LibertyBlock)
    argentinaeos (EOS Argentina)
    eosnationftw (EOS Nation)

  • EOS Nation’s building WPS system on BOS network using the eosDAC Toolkit for the auditor and the custodians.

“Good things to say about the DAC toolkit and what eosDAC has enabled “us” the community - I don’t think the community, applications and developers realise how powerful the eosDAC Toolkit is - how relatively easy it is to out of the box and then you just adjust it” - Yves (EOS Nation)

  • Watch this week’s EOS Radio episode featuring Luke (eosDAC), Eyal (Bancor), Myles (Aurora EOS) covering important topics such as Bancor, REX, how REX is integrated with Bancor, and Dan’s new EOS stablecoin idea

Tech Updates:

  • We’ve added support for EOS Lynx! You can now use the member client within that application by clicking the "Explorer" header ten times and entering in the https://members.eosdac.io url.

  • New feature: “Financials” page shows token movements over time within the DAC and can be useful for budgeting and decision making.


EOS REX is a CPU and NET resource rental market in which holders of the core token of the blockchain can buy and sell slices of the REX pool in the form of REX tokens. Note that a REX token is not tradable with third parties, it is merely a convenient accounting unit which can only be directly bought and sold from and to the pool. Its value in terms of the core token always increases, but the return rate is determined by the level of rental activity.

Proceeds from RAM trading fees and account name auctions can be channeled to the pool, thus providing an additional return to REX holders. Blockchain users can rent CPU and Network resources from the REX pool. The duration of each loan is 30 days and its price is determined by an automated market maker.

Watch this video to learn about REX and how it benefits development on EOS, or read further on or this page
Available at:

eosDAC is proud to qualify for EOSREX.IO’s Smart Proxy vote. Unlike ordinary proxies that support up to 30 block producers, EOSREX.IO proxy uses a smart contract to support a full list of block producers, from which a set of 30 producers is dynamically derived and voted every 24 hours.
Check out EOSREX.IO’s medium post to know about the qualification criteria and their voting philosophy.

Celebrating the First EOS Anniversary

On June 2nd 2018, EOS mainnet was launched and June 2nd 2019 marks EOS first anniversary. Good folks at GenerEOS are are making a compilation of video snippets gathered from the community to celebrate and wish EOS a happy birthday.
As a community we would love to gather as many small video snippets as we can from the community wishing EOS a happy birthday and we will compile it as a one video from the eosDAC Community.
Suggestions and directions for the video production from all the creative members in the community are welcome.

Add your videos snippets to this google drive link by May 10th to get featured in eosDAC community video.

eosDAC Twitter highlights

Please vote for eosdacserver

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