The Lost Key Solution Updates

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When EOS migrated from erc-20 tokens to EOS tokens, some holders (reportedly 273 accounts whose balances total 897,361.74514 EOS so far) either lost or failed to receive their private EOS keys. Since the mainnet launch, they’ve been waiting for a way to recover their funds -
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In Q4 2018, Michael Yeates of eosDAC, Kedar of Libertyblock, Rohan of EOS Authority and Daniel Keyes of EOS Nation have begun work on building a software solution to the lost key situation for people who have lost access to their EOS genesis accounts (as announced in this post). Michael has finished the smart contract (you can check out the repo) and now we are waiting for EOS Authority to run the tests on jungle before deploying it onto the mainnet. The involved BP teams are also making some EOS donations for RAM required to store the whitelist of accounts.


If you lost your EOS private key, check out the requirements:

✓I held EOS as ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum (Before June)
✓I still control the Ethereum private key
✓I have no access to the EOS Private key
✓I have never used my EOS account
✓ The account I lost the private key for has less than 100,000 EOS tokens (Accounts containing 100,000 or more tokens will be removed from the automated whitelist)

If eligible, use this recovery tool once it's deployed to the mainnet:

Please notice:

  • This is one time only recovery - Once you have reset the keys, the account will be marked and no further recoveries will be permitted.
  • The account holder must wait 30 days before the keys are reset following the verification. The account being modified will be sent a message indicating that their account is due for reset, during the 30 day period the key holder can make a transaction on the account to block the key change.
  • Your Ethereum account must not show clear signs of being attacked and drained. We will run scripts designed to detect hacked Ethereum accounts and remove them from the whitelist. For hacked accounts, visit


Expected procedure:

Lost Key.png

If you have used the tool to recover your keys , regained access to your EOS tokens, and would like to pay your gratitude to the people behind the scene, please support the following BPs who have worked hard on the solution:
eosdacserver (eosDAC)
eosauthority (EOS Authority)
libertyblock (LibertyBlock)
argentinaeos (EOS Argentina)
eosnationftw (EOS Nation)
cryptolions1 (CryptoLions)

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Please vote for eosdacserver

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