DAC Weekly Recap #7

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Custodian News

This week’s Custodian Board (Custodians are re-elected every 7 days! If you want to engage in running eosDAC and make decisions for it, stake a minimum of 35000 EOSDAC and register yourself as a candidate on https://members.eosdac.io/)

This weeks highlights


Have you been following the MORTY$ on EOS? The EOS Community have been obsessed with this “joke” currency, kind of like Dodgecoin, used to bribe people to create memes and other fun stuff and with much encouragement from @lukestokes, the community has decided to go DAC! The Custodians of Mortys DAC will be called the Counsel of Ricks ;)


It's been set up on the Jungle testnet, so if you have a Jungle account, feel free to play around and see how a DAC operates - register as a member, create a profile, register as a Rick candidate, vote on Ricks, etc: https://mortys.lukestokes.info/. It is currently running on one of Luke’s personal servers, much credits to him!

There are many ideas to be explored on the testnet, like a token contract method to kill a Morty which could be executed by a counsel multisig (would burn their tokens). Will the Mortys rise up against the evil Ricks and vote them out, put in better ones and restore burned tokens to resurrect a Morty? Will those Ricks eventually turn evil as the power to collude overcomes them? We shall see! It will be fun to play around with the DAC, but at the same time explore the boundaries of real concerns on EOS:

  1. All EOS contracts (including token contracts) are highly mutable. The concept of “property” is shaky right now because anyone with access to the contract can blow away someone’s tokens. We can highlight this reality.
  2. There is hope! Contracts can be protected by multisig and those multisig accounts can actually be elected! Utopia! Rainbows! A solution!!!
  3. Not so fast. In true Rick and Morty nihilistic style, your elected “trusted” multisig could be no better than a counsel of Ricks who will take you out, no matter what dimension you hide in.

The art of the MORTYS DAC universe will comment on and inform our reality. Join the ever growing $Morty community now and have fun with all the memes!

  • Cafe DAC is using the DAC Factory software on the Jungle testnet now to get their Decentralized Autonomous Coffee and Freedom and Crypto loving Community working in a more organized way with elected custodians and worker proposals!

  • eosDAC Makes Every Effort Possible to Decentralise - eosDAC website is hosted using the new EOS DNS service and IPFS. (eos://dac.io). Read the latest post!

  • Learn about the power and potential of open sourced systems and decentralized autonomous organizations or DAO/Cs. Great video by Brock Pierce team!

  • Luke Stokes of eosDAC was invited to #BuiltOnEOS Special 2.0. Exploring the potential of EOS, hosted by EOS Israel, to give a presentation about DACs! Other guests include Malcom Casselle from Wax and Beni Kakak from LiquidApps.


  • eosDAC Custodian meetings are open for all community members to join and we'd be doing this every second Wednesday. If you cannot make it to the meeting, alternatively you can catch up with the items discussed by listening to the recording here. Make sure to follow the eosDAC Public Calendar to stay updated with all eosDAC events.

Approved Msigs of the Week

We have 7 msig proposals approved and executed since the last DAC Weekly Recap.

CHOIR To Be An Official Name For An EosDAC Project Focused On VOICE
CHOIRs are to VOICE as DACs are to EOS. An implementation of the envisaged DAC Factory targeted at VOICE users is a significant opportunity for eosDAC.

Once we have this as an agreed aim anyone will be able to put forward activities to help build out the branding and project plan/roadmap for CHOIR.

Sell RAM From Eosdactokens
As people have moved the tokens around, eosdactokens has to use less and less ram. We can sell 13,000,000 bytes of RAM to return somewhere under 1400 EOS

Undelegate Excessive CPU/NET From Chintailease
As part of our support of Chintai, we are delegating 3500 EOS worth of CPU/NET, this is not needed any more so this proposal will undelegate 3000 EOS of CPU and 9 EOS of NET from chintailease

Transfer RAM Proceeds To Eosdacthedac
We sold RAM from eosdactokens, this will transfer the proceeds to our treasury acco

June Development Team Payment
Cover the development team payment in fiat for the month of June through eosDAC fiat reserves instead of the DAC foundation reserves. Total amount requested £ 13230. The breakdown can be found on this sheet

June: Translations Payment
This is the payment to Dacoco covering regular deliverables in EOS for eosDAC Translations for the month of June. Details of the regular deliverables can be found in the sheet

June: DAC Process And Strategy Payment
This is the payment to Dacoco covering regular deliverables in EOS for eosDAC Management and Strategy for the month of June. Details of the regular deliverables can be found in the sheet

Transparency is the major advantage of being a DAC. You can check all of the submitted & executed worker proposals on https://members.eosdac.io/custodian/review-msigs

EOS Report…

EOS Voting System

Sparked by a surprising announcement by one of the largest Korean cryptocurrency exchanges, Bithumb, that they will start voting for EOS BPs with their own-account EOS tokens via proxies and gradually include customer account tokens, the EOS voting system has been the hottest potato of the community. Actively engaged in Telegram chats and Tweets, Dan Larlimer has recently published a new proposal for EOS voting system: Decentralizing in Spite of Pareto Principle.

In this article he points out that both PoW and PoS (including DPos) fall under the Pareto Principle, thus being “centralized” by the natural distribution of the underlying resource.

He suggests to utilize multiple objective metrics to decentralize control;

"Each Pareto distribution centralizes control into a few parties who have natural strengths; however, if you utilize multiple independent or ideally mutually exclusive measurements, then you can multiply the level of decentralization by the number of Pareto distributions."

What are these metrics? Dan proposes to divide the 21 BPs into 4 categories:

  • 8 producers to be voted by EOS Staked²
  • 8 producers voted by Days staked * EOS staked²
  • 3 producers voted by RAM holders
  • 2 producers voted by (avg EOS burned / Day)²

What do you think of this idea? Do you have a better idea? How do you view the current voting system? Leave a comment down below!

Official release of Scatter 11 Meteoric

Upgrades and new features include:

  • Intuitive UI
  • Improved application explore experience
  • Bitcoin integration: Generate a Bitcoin address and then send and receive BTC!
  • RIDL integration: Multiple identities management. Preliminary access to the Firewall to keep the account safe from bad actors online.
  • Easier access to historical data
  • New network panel to manage different blockchain networks. Scatter will now automatically load accounts which are associated with private keys imported into Scatter.

Download here

Scatter team officially ended supporting Scatter Chrome Extension. If you are still using it, please remove it and upgrade to SCatter Desktop. The Chrome version is not secure.

Also, note that with the new Scatter 11, you have to go to Settings => Firewall => Remove the eosio.msig approve restriction to approve any multisig action! See below screenshot:


Kerosene lamp

Hyped for Prospectors.io? Kerosene lamp is a promotion happening now by this massive multiplayer online economic strategy game. Powered by Simple Assets, Users pass the lamp from one to the next. Everyone who successfully passes the burning lamp gets a free ticket to start playing Prospectors.io three days early, on June 28th instead of July 1st. You have to keep the lantern burning to get your ticket. Simple Assets is developed by our fellow BP, CryptoLion (Read more) and eosDAC is part of Simple Assets Multi Sig on the Mainnet.

Please vote for eosdacserver

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