DAC Weekly Recap #6

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Custodian News

This week’s Custodian Board (Custodians are re-elected every 7 days! If you want to engage in running eosDAC and make decisions for it, stake a minimum of 35000 EOSDAC and register yourself as a candidate on https://members.eosdac.io/)

This weeks highlights

  • Brock Pierce – a child actor turned video-game entrepreneur turned crypto titan joins eosDAC custodian board! Pierce’s proxy has been supporting eosDAC as a technically competent BP. He also has explicitly shown his appreciation towards what eosDAC is doing for the EOS ecosystem in his interview with the eosDAC team. He views himself as “a huge believer in DACs/DAOs” and believes the future is DAOism - eosDAC is honoured to have him onboard!

  • Security First!! Protect your EOS account using EOS permission management
    Hoa(@eosdacvietnam) of eosDAC has uploaded the series of tutorials to improve your security - just follow these step-to-step guides, they are simpler than you might have thought!

  1. EOS Guide: How to use Waits (TX Delay)

  2. EOS Guide: Keep your EOS account SAFE using Multisig Structure

  3. EOS Guide: Create Custom EOS Permissions For Each DApp

Here’s a video demonstrating how to use multisignature permissions on bloks.io by Luke Stokes(@lukestokes)

  • Emanate has recently introduced the Emanate Music Co-operative and their plan for decentralised governance. eosDAC has been partnered with Emanate since 2018, and now that Emanate is close to launching, they have announced that eosDAC members will get an EMT airdrop as an incentive to join and help kick start the Musical Co-op! (Read the announcement here) This will be one of the very first DACs being launched using the DAC Factory eosDAC has developed and a successful story of eosDAC incubating a DAC in not only technology wide but also in its structure and governance. Emanate is now in need of finding a group of pilot ‘Emanate Reps’ who will be the first to earn rewards by contributing to the Emanate network, so if you are interested, join Emanate community now!

  • Rob Allen of eosDAC has presented a proposal for the BOS community to vote upon, which would assist the BOSCore ecosystem and accelerate the implementation of BOSCore community projects.

Subscribe to @BOS_News 📣 to keep up to date with BOS (Business Operating System) BOSCore developments, BOS IBC, 3s LIB, Community refererendum / WPS and lots more and don’t forget to vote for bosdacserver!

Brock Pierce Proxy
Freedom Proxy
Colin Talks Crypto
Luke’s Proxy
Token Pocket Proxy

If you lease your tokens on Chintai, you’ll be supporting eosDAC via their proxy
If you you choose the default proxy to use REX, both Token Pocket proxy and EOSREX proxy include eosDAC!

Approved Msigs of the Week

We have 7 msig proposals approved and executed since the last DAC Weekly Recap.

Transfer EOSDAC For Tokens Stuck In ETH Based Dex IDEX/Etherdelta
Transfer EOSDAC For Tokens Stuck In ETH Based Dex IDEX/Etherdelta
Transfer EOSDAC For Tokens Stuck In ETH Based Dex IDEX/Etherdelta

These are requests of eosDAC Erc 20 token holders who didnot withdraw their funds from DEXs before the token freeze hence their tokens got stuck in the DEXs. eosDAC has secured these tokens under eosdactokens contractand is now releasing them to verified token holders.
Vietnamese Translation & Comms
Chinese Translation
Russian Translation

eosDAC currently supports English, Korean, Chinese, Russian and Vietnamese (the member client is available in more languages) and these are payment for the translators.

May : Community And Comms Payment

This was the second attempt as the original proposal which was approved last time failed to be executed due to the DAC account not having enough funds. This can happen, we are all in iteration phase to improve the user experience of the client!

Transparency is the major advantage of being a DAC. You can check all of the submitted & executed worker proposals on https://members.eosdac.io/custodian/review-msigs

EOS Report…

Dan Larimer Interview: EOS 2.0, Voice Launch, EOSVM, WebAuthn, WebAssembly

Watch Ivan’s exclusive interview with Dan Larimer to learn about EOS 2.0, Voice Launch, EOSVM, WebAuthn, WebAssembly.

EOSIO Labs™ Release: WebAuthn Example Web App for EOSIO YubiKey Support

During the B1June event, Block.one announced EOSIO 2 updates on the horizon, which is intended to bring enhanced performance and support for the latest web authentication standards to EOSIO™. EOSIO 2, the next major version of EOSIO, will make using blockchain applications even easier for the masses.

Continuing in the spirit of open innovation through EOSIO Labs™, Block.one have released a WebAuthn Example App to demonstrate how they intend to implement WebAuthn support for EOSIO, following the recent releases including Assert Manifest Security Model, Universal Authenticator Library and iOS and Chrome Extension Authenticator Reference Applications.

Read more

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