Habemus Mainnet : Our account is ARGENTINAEOS

in eosio •  6 months ago

We now have our Mainnet producing blocks!!

Congratulations to the whole EOS Community and fellow Blockproducers for this great and awaited achievement.

Anyone can cast their votes for our Block Producer:


At the same time we would like to state that we do NOT control the account name "eosargentina" , so if you wish to support us please vote for argentinaeos !


Gracias por tanto! Y recuerden que el futuro es ahora!

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Me interesa saber un poco mas sobre esto...soy argentino, vivo en Mar del Plata... y con un grupo que tenemos formado aca en steemit estamos pensando en hacer proyectos con eos...me gustaría poder charlar con vos @chitty para estar un poco mas al tanto y si puedo desde ya cuentan conmigo para colaborar con ustedes...solo una cosa si es eosargentina estaría bueno que publicaran en ambos idiomas, ingles y español


Totalmente de acuerdo ;)

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Anybody holding eos can vote? Is there any place where is explained for newbies?


Yes anyone holding EOS can vote, the only official wallet is the EOS command line tool called cleos. If you want to vote now with an intuitive graphical user interface, some Block Producer Candidates endorse the use of the Greymass EOS Voter wallet for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.


Felicidades !