EOS Argentina: A Block Producer in Latin America

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EOS Argentina wants to guarantee a global, decentralized and collaborative development for EOS blockchain, for these to happen Latin America has to be part of the network of 21 BP nodes (Block Producers). We want to improve the performance of the network in the region by improving the latency, generate autonomous communities and provide free training courses, disseminate activities in Spanish, organize local hackathons, as well as generate liquidity in local currencies for greater adoption of the EOS token in Latin America.

Global interdependence in the BP list can ensure that EOS Blockchain will have the most admirable and historic governance system that the global community has generated. Undoubtedly, EOS will lead the future of the blockchain, and the demand for programmers in this platform will increase every day, we want to train Latin American developers to fulfill this demand.

A combination of cultural and economic factors, has made Argentina a reference in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Latin America (with more than four unicorns to its credit). From a hostile socio-economic component, Argentine entrepreneurs have managed to position themselves as pioneers in the scenario of crypto-currencies and the blockchain. Perhaps because of the great inflationary processes added to the lack of transparency in their democratic processes, Argentine entrepreneurs have understood and quickly capitalized on the potential of crypto-currencies.

One of the first Bitcoin conferences in Latin America, was the LaBitConf 2013 that brought together many of the early-adopters of that time as Erik Voorhees, Charlie Shrem, Roger Ver, Andreas Antonopoulos, among others. Thanks to the efforts of the local crypto community, and especially Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar and the people of the NGO Espacio Bitcoin, the evangelization that was born in our country has been able to expand to the entire region, generating new events such as LaBitConf Rio (Brazil) , LaBitConf México, and LaBitConf Colombia in which the main actors of the world of crypto-coins and blockchain have attended, such as Nick Szabo, Peter Todd, Brock Pierce, among others.

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Argentina has several crypto-companies, as is the case of Ripio, Bitex.la, Xapo, Bitfarms, Signature, RSK, Btctrip, among others, also in the recent boom of the "ICO" (Initial Coin Offering) several start-ups with Argentine founders have achieved great rounds of financing such as Decentraland, Inbest Network, Winding Tree, among others. It is also important to remember several brilliant minds within the blockchain developers, such as Sergio Lerner (RSK), Manuel Araoz (Zeppeling), Matias Romeo (DEV Team of EOS), among others.

We want to take all this history and knowledge that binds our region to the evolution of the crypto-currencies and blockchain, to form the EOS Latin America community. We will use 100% of the funds in strengthening the EOS infrastructure in the region: creating a coding school, incubating new EOS projects, and reaching out to local governments to generate democratic transparency tools. We do not support “vote-buying” or sharing dividends with our voters, instead we will use the income generated by the BP to help grow the community and its ecosystem in the region

We hope that the global EOS community shares this vision of a better world from the first great experiment in global governance, offering their support to decentralization by geographic regions and the symmetrical development of all EOS communities.

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