EOS Detroit Announces Support for DAPP Network

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Display this badge proudly if you are using DAPP Network services!

EOS Detroit is pleased to announce support for the DAPP Network, an incentivized scaling solution on the EOS network built by the LiquidApps team (many of whom are also behind Bancor and LiquidEOS). The DAPP Network aims to provide developers with more economical alternatives to EOS resources through a new type of node called a DAPP Services Provider (DSP). EOS Detroit’s DSP cluster is currently undergoing testing to build confidence in the setup. It has been “soft launched” with more technical details coming in future articles.

The first offering of the DAPP Network is vRAM: a decentralized storage solution that holds promise as a solution for reducing the resource footprint of EOS RAM needed by EOS developers to run their DApps. The advantages for EOS token holders and users of DApps are numerous. vRAM enables better economic efficiency for DApp developers regarding EOS RAM usage. This allows new use cases on EOS that may have been difficult to scale before. The DAPP Network could catalyze a boost in the quality and variety of DApps deployed as vRAM becomes a critical component of the infrastructure used to power EOS DApps. This would also enable more DApps to be actively deployed on the same chain because the EOS RAM footprint for each DApp leveraging vRAM would be optimized. A denser chain creates a greater value proposition for EOS. DApp users may even see more efficient use of capital by teams to deploy new features faster, as the developers will have to spend less on EOS RAM to scale their DApp.

These stated advantages are hypothetical as the DAPP Network is still new, however, the EOS Detroit team sees the promise of the DAPP Network and stands beside it as another tool for developers building their products on EOS. As such, our team offers the EOS community a badge that can be displayed for product and service packages utilizing the DAPP Network’s functionality.

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