EOS is live!!

in eosio •  5 months ago


I can’t put into words what this picture means to us. EOS Argentina is a Block Producer. Thank you!!

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Congrats @chitty. This picture is surely worth of 1 Millon words.

That's great congrats

Estamos muy orgullosos y muy felices de saber esto, sin palabras la verdad felicidades.

You got a 39.98% upvote from @dailyupvotes courtesy of @hcf27!

Now we can say we are in next generation of cryptos for sure and feeling proud to be witness of a transaction amongst first some of the EOS

felicitaciones desde La Plata loco!

@chitty do you think with this we can see eos coin better than etherum?

Hi @chitty I've transfered 0.100 SBD to @dailyupvotes for the post indicated in the screenshot but didn't recieved an upvote till now. I know that Steem is down earlier so what happened is understandable, but I didn't see my name on the next round so I decided to comment on this post. Below is the screenshot of the transaction. I hope you can do something about it. Thanks.


Hey there @chitty is there anyway I could get a refund for the bids I sent into @dailyupvotes today totaling 6 sbd? I sent in 2 bids of 3.0 Sbd instead of 0.3 sbd and have not received upvote nor refund as of yet. Thanks and sorry for the off topic tag not sure how else to contact you.

Hey, @chitty, speaking of how much being a block producer means, I've noticed that you only have 24 steem witnesses you approve of, and have some free slots (you also have some dead witnesses in the list, it's probably been a while since you cared for that list)

Now I wanted to let you know that @lux-witness is a steem witness whose better half, @pstaiano is Argentinian! Pablo is the core engine of the duo and it's the non-Argentinian half who's in charge of communications :-)

Would you be so kind and also approve @lux-witness ?
Please have a look at what we are doing here in Luxembourg (so far away from Argentina) and if you think we are helping the blockchain, we'll be happy to have your approval!