[EOS]How to Vote for BP candidates on Cleos

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Lately I have been getting a lot of questions on how to vote for your Block Producers candidates once EOS mainnet is out.

Now, the safest way for the regular person may not be the easiest, so I have set up a step to step guide on how to safely vote via the cleos command line. For this guide, I assume you have basic knowledge of a Linux Terminal, for the rest of you is better to wait for simpler tools that will come out later.

1.- Build EOSIO

git clone https://github.com/EOSIO/eos
cd eos
./eosio_build.sh && cd build && make

2.- In a different screen start your node

screen -S nodeos
cd /build/programs/nodeos

3.- Exit the screen with ctr a + d and create a wallet

cd /build/programs/cleos
./cleos wallet create

4.- Safe you wallet password and import your key

./cleos wallet import YOUR_PRIV_KEY

5.- Create an account with your imported key (for the sake of this guide we will use your key as active & owner, but you should create another key that will work as your active key and your owner key is the one you registered previously with your ETH Address)


6.- You now have to stake your tokens before being able to vote, change the amount of EOS accordingly:

./cleos.sh push action eosio delegatebw ‘{“from":"YOUR_ACCOUNT", “receiver":"YOUR_ACCOUNT", "stake_net_quantity": "1000.0000 EOS", "stake_cpu_quantity": "1000.0000 EOS", "transfer": true}' -p YOUR_ACCOUNT

7.- Now you can vote for your favorite BPs, lets say you wish to vote for eosargentina, you would type:

./cleos.sh system voteproducer prods YOUR_ACCOUNT eosargentina -p YOUR_ACCOUNT

And thats it, this is all you need to do to vote for your favorite BPs, bare in mind that it will take you 3 days to recover any tokens you stake for voting.

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That was easier to understand than how other people put it . Much appreciated for the clarification. Hope all is going good on your side with the machines and all

Hey, good to hear from you... everything is good on this side, working on the EOS launch.. how is NYC and your brother´s mining farm?

NYC is good , he moved the machines over to PA since it’s cheaper on electricity . He’s having profblems with ventilation so working on that now .

No sabia que tu podías resolver y sacarme de todas esas dudas, fue muchísimo mas fácil, gracias amigo :D

In section 5 you've listed the command...


This should be the Active Public key, not the private.

Thanks for this. When i heard I had to compile the tool to vote, I zoned out completely. This makes it easy with the steps. I will try this out on a VM

Thanks for sharing this..

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Am totally blank on this subject matter as i don't have any prior knowledge about Linux. EOS brought me to your blog but i sure know i will soon understand how that is being done later.
EOS.... talk of the town

Not to worry, there will be simpler GUI tools available later on.

Buenas tardes amigo @chitty, mira quisiera saber que pasó aquí.

Screenshot_2018-05-23  lcdoreyes.png

Pagué $5SBD y mi recompensa va a ser:

Screenshot_2018-05-23 SteemWorld (beta).png

la recompensa de autor va a ser como $3.40 si acaso

No me pareció buen negocio con @dailyupvotes



FYI - I found the following documentation useful for understanding EOS accounts and wallets, and the associated cleos/keosd commands.

Here is another good guide about voting with cleos: