Connect to EOS Aurora in 6 simple steps

in eosio •  6 months ago

1.- Download the eosio repo

2.- Go to the commit we are currently testing (this may change over time, you can find out on our telegram channel)

3.- Change the protocol version of your net_plugin.cpp (this could vary over time and can also be done manually)

4.- Update submodules

5.- Build EOS

6.- Fill out this form and send it to our telegram channel

Node address: 
HTTP port: 
HTTPS port: 
P2P port: 
PUB Key: EOS...

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Thank you @chitty for sharing such useful information.

Listoo mas rápido imposible amigo, gracias por la informacion :D

hey friend thanks for this information, it served me useful

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@chitty more info about eosaurora please


Hello @funshel , we can help you get connected on our telegram channel if you wish:


Alright.... Will join straight away. Thanks @chitty