EOS Blogging - Demux and Mongodb Example

in eosio •  2 months ago

I ran the scripts on my friends Macbook and everything worked fine. I still haven’t figured out what the issue with it is and why it wouldn’t run properly in Ubuntu.


The front end isn't near as complex as the front ends for the STEEM blockchain but this is important code because it shows how to utilize Demux, Mongodb, and React with the EOSIO software. Just realize it is an example.

You can get the code and work with it yourself here.


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Thanks for sharing even though I don't have the Foggiest............@brianphobos


Mainly it means we are one step closer to having more platforms to blog on that will run on top of EOS! More bits ..... more bits!

Saw your post about this the other day. The whole running scripts thing is a little over my head. Will there be a website where we can access this just like Steemit? If so what's the timeline on something like that?


At Block. One they have a DAPP team who is working on the next version of "STEEM" which will run on top of EOS. So there will be a site like Steemit eventually. They haven't released a time line on it yet but I'm hoping we see it before the end of the year.

This was mainly an example they put out so people could see how to utilize demux mainly.