EOS Launch Update! EOS MainNet is LIVE. Overview/Chart/Timeline where we are at. Some basics to help you out. Blockchain History has been Made!!

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The blockchain is blazing fast but that is to be expected from a Dan Larimer coded project, as we know.

Info today:


The EOS mainnet has successfully been launched! Block Producers from across the globe are joining the network and will be eligible to receive your votes once they are connected. Please take the time to ensure you have researched which Block Producers you would like to see operating the EOS network on your behalf.

As a reminder, you can vote for up to 30 Block Producers, and your vote will be weighted by how many tokens you have staked. So if you have 100 tokens, you will signal 100 votes for each Block Producer that you select.

The chain will ‘unlock’ and all operations will be usable once 15% of all tokens have been voted. So who will be the 150 millionth vote? Your vote is your voice, make sure that you use it! And in case you weren’t sure, here’s 6 reasons why you should vote for EOS Canada...

Please verify before you vote that you match the chain ID posted here:
"chain_id": "aca376f206b8fc25a6ed44dbdc66547c36c6c33e3a119ffbeaef943642f0e906"


Graphic / chart showing progress as of TODAY where things are at: Sorry for loading/bandwidth issues but the font was so small on this, compared to the overall size, if I had shrunk it -- it would be hard to read for some -- sorry!


Posted by them also, the official EOS Mainnet Launch Timeline / Events Needing to Take Place:

Crowdsale of EOS Tokens is Now Closed

Block.one Releases EOSIO v1.0

EOS ERC-20 Smart Contract Frozen & Snapshot is Taken

Community Agrees on the Contents of the Chain

Community Verifies the Contents of the Chain

Chain is Launched and Open For Voting

15% of All Tokens Have Been Cast

EOS Canada tips today written by : Josh Kauffman

Source is a trusted one!!


Official Links to be checking:



That is my update for now that is most current.

Congrats to all the EOS fans and holders!!

  • I will be sending out EOS updates regularly here on Steemit and twitter.

  • https://twitter.com/BarryDutton

  • Check the EOS GO and other YT channel livestreams on YouTube when you can.

  • Watch for scams always people, beware of fake accounts, FUD, phishing attempts, and contests

  • Always verify official sources for yourself.

Resources / Bonus info in this post:

Bonus / Reminder info re: 15% of tokens need to vote......

As you can see, the countdown has lapsed past the 00:00 mark and the token freeze is in process, as the network snapshot of our tokens happened days ago , and the launch of the mainnet is underway now. (Yes, still)


As much as many in the liberty and crypto space do not like the idea of elections...... it is a part of the crypto space.

It's awesome seeing so many EOS holders and members doing their research on who they want to see as BP candidates.

  • At least 150 million #EOS tokens need to be accounted for in a vote before any chain is considered valid.

  • Whales and exchanges hold a large number of these tokens.


Official EOS sources linked above.

Your friend

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Solid content as always

I'm out of the loop. Is there a EOS social media platform yet?

ONO is set to launch soon, I have not kept up 100% on it.

Steem 2.0 will launch on EOS in the next few months, I would say.

What is going to happen to the price of Steem, if Steem 2.0 transfers over to EOS? Will we lose our money?

The 2 platforms are on 2 different blockchains and ecosystems.

They are unrelated in that way, so I am not sure you understand the basics very well here.

I was new once too to all this, I suggest you watch a lot of YT videos and read up and research about 25 hours a week for the next month, and really invest in your education, as I did.

You have to be informed in order to protect yourself my friend.

I'm actually thinking of running a bot and trading between stable coins. It would be micro volatility trading. Earning about 0.3% every day. With 0.3% profit, you would triple your money in a year, and nine times it in 2 years. I hope exchanges start adding stable coin pairs. A volatility of 1% could bring you a 40x return in a year.


Even with the constant ~ 0.15% or 0.2% trading fees, for every trade factored in?

Binance trading fees are 0.1% for a buy 0.1% for a sell. The daily high today was 1.0077 The daily low was 1.0028. That's a 0.49% difference. 0.49% - 0.2% for the trading fees gets you 0.29%.

I would set it to automatically buy at 1.0035 and sell at 1.0075. You would get a profit of 0.2% a day

That sounds tiny, but if you start with $100, you will have $146 923.38 in 10 years. That's if you can maintain a 0.2% profit for 3650 days. Unlike any altcoins that can tie your money up, this way your always making money.

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You have given me lots of good info, to think on, that is for sure.

Thank you.