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As a new distributed technology that can be widely applied, blockchain has entered the industrial application stage from the technical exploration stage. However, due to its short development time, the related digital systems, support tools and development documents have not yet formed a complete system, which makes the development of blockchain more difficult and the crossing of blockchain’s technology threshold hard for most people. Therefore, the lack of blockchain development talents also reflect on blockchain’s industrial applications.

In view of this, EOS Gravity, the largest global EOS community, partnered with School of Computer Science at Fudan University and launched a offline training course on blockchain technology system and development capability, aiming to cultivate an array of technical talents with knowledge of technology principle and practical development capacity. Meanwhile, this course include the development tutorials by EOS developer community and source code analysis to create a developer technology community covering the entire process of Dapp development to promote the application of blockchain technology. As an early participant and builder of EOS ecology, EOS Gravity has cooperated with a number of universities in Shanghai and will continue to keep its commitment on cultivating China’s blockchain technology talents and make more contributions to blockchain education.

Targeting application features of blockchain, this course covers the current technical hotspots including policy direction, digital assets, encryption technology, smart contracts and scenario applications. It also contains the practice of blockchain that enables students to understand the basic technology, learn application scenarios, master the hands-on ability, and provide project design, demonstration and evaluation service for various institutions and enterprises’ blockchain project transformation and engineering design work. This course encourages students to carry out theoretical research on the underlying technology of blockchain and improve the underlying protocol of blockchain to enhance its operating efficiency, which is to guide more blockchain innovation companies and technology researchers to create higher-end technology and application products to better contribute to China and the world.

Highlights of this course includes the face to face interaction between students and blockchain experts; its focus on the combination of theory, case and practice; its wide involvement in the underlying technical system; the opportunity it provides that enables students to learn the latest technology on blockchain in a comprehensive way; the academic credit it provides that is issued by Fudan University.

Now, let's focus on this course’s teaching team:

Dr. Peter Li

graduated from School of Computer Science at Fudan University and worked as an assistant researcher. He also boasts of other titles including an expert on data encryption, Internet security and Internet of Things, a council member at Graphene Application Center and BitShares respectively, and a founding partner of Waterdrip Capital.

Dr. Zheng Yushan

graduated from University of Montreal and is acting as an executive member of Graphene Application Center, a council member of BitShares, and a founding partner of Waterdrip Capital.

Kan Haibin

A second grade professor and a doctoral tutor at School of Computer Science at Fudan University. He also boasts of other titles including an Outstanding Academic Leader at Shanghai, an Out Standing Talent at Shanghai, a standing member of Professional Committee on Blockchain at China Computer Federation, director of Information Security Special Committee of Shanghai Computer Science Technology Association, and director of Fudan-ZhongAn Joint Lab on Blockchain and Information Security.

Zhao Yunlei

A professor and a doctoral tutor at School of Computer Science at Fudan University. He is also acting as a council member of Chinese Association for Cryptologic Research, a committee member of Special Committee on Security Protocol at CACR, and a committee member of China Privacy Protection Committee.

Han Weili

A vice director of School of Software Engineering at Fudan University, while also a professor and a doctoral tutor at the school. He is also acting as vice director of Special Committee on Information Security at The Chinese Institute of Electronics.

Pang Yinming

Earned his doctor degree on Computer Software and Theory from Fudan University and served as general manager of Internet Finance Department at Donghai Securities, general manager of Internet Finance Business Division at Greenland Financial Holdings Group, general manager at Greenland Smart Technology, etc. Currently Mr. Pang is executive president of Xinyuan Technology and CEO of Rchaintech with part-time positions including a member of Association of Shanghai Internet Financial Industry, a MES counselor for Fudan University, a researcher at Research Center for Modern Finance at Shanghai Academy.

Song Wenpeng

A director of blockchain and a system architecture designer at ZhongAn Technology. He also participated in a number of key national science and technology projects with a good knowledge of underlying technology framework and base protocol about blockchain. Mr. Song also boasts of other titles including an expert of ISO/TC307 Standard Group, a technical expert of China Blockchain Technology and Industry Forum, a drafter of blockchain and distributed ledger technology standard by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and a technology judge at The First China Blockchain Development Contest.

Jiang Zhongding

A vice professor at School of Software Engineering and director of interactive graphic lab at Fudan University.

Liu Baixiang

Earned his doctor degree from School of Computer Science at Fudan University and served as a technical expert at Fudan University’s information office. He is also a full stack engineer focusing on system architecture and security.

Wen Jie

Earned his doctor degree from School of Computer Science at Fudan University and served as a technical expert at Fudan University’s information office with a research focus on coding, distributed storage, cryptography and its application in blockchain.

If you are a fan of blockchain who is hunger for learning the latest technology and getting your hands dirty, you are greatly welcomed to join us in the course. With EOS Gravity’s rich experience and Fudan University’s professional academic knowledge in blockchain, you will have a wonderful and fruitful adventure into the world of blockchain!

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